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Market surveys to satisfy wishes

Do you really know the people you want to sell your products and services to? Do you really tell us? Don't improvise! Learn to know what your customers' wishes, expectations and needs are, so as to build and market your business with knowledge and develop attractive and useful products and services.
June 2 2023

Market surveys are a fundamental research tool used by companies and enterprises of any size in any sector. The aim is to obtain valuable information on consumer preferences and market trends. Indeed, these surveys provide a unique opportunity to understand customer needs, expectations and behaviors.

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Let's take a look at the importance of market surveys and why they should be done to give value to your investments of money and energy. We understand how to design an effective survey, how to use the results and what are the main software that can help us.

Why are market surveys essential?

When it is founded a brand one must decide which aesthetics and which language to adopt, one must know who one is addressing and how. So it is crucial to know which imagery you are referring to. At a macroscopic level, the country and the market within which the business is located are taken into consideration. In detail, the specific groups of people are evaluated, according to various personal, economic and social parameters.

When conceiving a product or planning the characteristics and modalities of a service, it is necessary to have a certain margin of certainty regarding success in terms of sales, which derive above all from the attractiveness of the proposal, its usefulness and its desirability.

When products and services are advertised, it is still necessary to do so using a certain language and a certain aesthetic.

Make useful decisions to ensure the sustainability of a business

The three steps we have just seen are the pillar of an enterprise. They have costs and are essential to be successful and worth an investment.

It is a pity that sometimes decisions in this regard are made "on feeling", guided by expectations based on partial empirical knowledge mistaken for truth or on grossly generic considerations. This happens especially in the case of small businesses that improvise thanks to the wide possibilities offered by digital. Today it is easier to start even without experience and you can also have a relative, temporary and illusory luck.

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So the production machine is convinced. Internal resources focus on building, advertising and we pat ourselves on the back when we manage to make a handful of sales after a thousand efforts, as if the effort alone were enough to have truly appreciable results and to exploit the potential.

But do you really know what your customers want? Do you have a real idea of ​​all the people who could approach our business? Can we hypothesize the trends of the market within which we operate?

If these questions don't have a clear answer, time will show us that the business is not sustainable.

Know people to conduct functional analysis

Hence undertaking systematic market surveys has the purpose of having a realistic and detailed overview of the people who could choose us and whose expectations, desires and needs we are called to satisfy. The choices to arrive at these results cannot be one-way.

Let's leave the monologues to the theatre.

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Listening to people gives businesses the data to lead market analysis functional to the adaptation of products and services, with the aim of selling better and more. Through market surveys one can identify latent customer needs, detect emerging trends and gauge customer satisfaction with their existing products or services.

Design effective market surveys

Market surveys are conducted through interviews, online questionnaires, focus groups and other research methodologies.

To achieve meaningful results it is essential to design well-structured market surveys. Here are the steps:

  • First you need to define the objective of the survey and the key questions to ask.
  • Questions must be concise, clear and relevant in order to avoid confusion or ambiguity in the answers.
  • The choice of the sample of participants is crucial to ensure the representativeness of the data collected.
  • Using software you need to efficiently and accurately analyze the survey results.

Some software that can help us

The software facilitates and optimizes all the steps necessary to carry out reliable and useful market surveys. The data processing itself is automated and immediate. Among the most popular and used software they turn out SurveyMonkey, Qualtrics,, and Google Forms

However they are only tools to speed up and reduce efforts in obtaining data and having technical elaborations. Let us not forget that, once these results have been obtained, we must have the ability to interpret and have the necessary skills to carry out the next moves.

Use of market survey results

Market survey results can provide a variety of valuable insights for businesses. They can reveal new market opportunities, provide guidance for product innovation, and help improve marketing strategy.

For example, if a survey indicates that consumers want more sustainable products, a company might consider developing a line of green products to meet this demand. Survey results can also provide valuable feedback on a company's strengths and weaknesses, enabling targeted improvements to be made.

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What exactly are we talking about?

Let's talk about a compass that directs us in these choices:

Kilobit's advice

And this is where we come into play. In fact, if you can get help from software to conduct functional market surveys, you may not always enjoy the wide range of skills necessary to make the choices that surveys direct us to make.

We at Kilobit are a network of digital professionals in every area concerned. We can help you in interpreting the data and in all the technical and creative steps that derive from it.

Do you know the wishes, expectations and needs of your customers?

Contact us to best satisfy them.

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