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Brand Awareness: what it is and how to work with it

Find out what brand awareness is in practical terms, how it can be measured and the commercial value of working on it.
November 29, 2021

Brand means "brand", Awareness "awareness". These terms identify the notoriety index of a brand.

If you have a company, a shop, or perhaps a private business where you put yours into play image, you will have noticed how vital it is to develop your brand identity. The needs are simple:

  • Stand out among the competition.
  • Involve people.
  • Having a portfolio of loyal and satisfied customers.

The aim to keep in mind, even if very complicated to fully achieve, is become the first brand that has your target audience in mind clientsbut even more. Indeed the ultimate goal of working on the Brand Awareness is even more ambitious: to enter the collective imagination.

What does it mean in practice?

Get to the top

The ultimate result is to make sure that also people who are not directly your customers they immediately associate a widely known and consumed product or service with your brand. Have you ever called "Scottex" any roll of paper towels that is not of the "Scottex" brand? This is a good example of the best result that can be achieved by working on Brand Awareness.

Getting to this point is like reaching the top.

man on top of brand awareness pinnacle

It is a very difficult result, if not necessarily impossible. Not everyone gets there then, and your expectation needn't be to get there, especially if your business is placed in a largely competitive market.

But it is not vital to get to this ideal point to enjoy the effects of a work on Brand Awareness. In fact, even becoming among the first names that come to mind within a niche is an excellent and fruitful result, just as it is in a certain geographical area or only in a certain area. That's fine too.

In any case, knowing the possibility of this result and the degrees that exist before it certainly helps to enhance theyour brand identity. Often the Brand Awareness in fact, it is not even known or it is underestimated, but in concrete terms, working on it brings growth and profit.

Now let's see how and why.

How to measure brand awareness

La Brand Awareness is measured through tools web analytics (like those of Google, social network insights…) and monitoring the customer interactions via reviews and comments on content.

From data on traffic, visibility and interactions, we have an idea of ​​the degree of Brand Awareness.

  • At a minimum no know the brand.
  • When the degree is medium, the brand is not recognized immediately but later a recall stimuli (name, jingle, logo… )
  • If it's high, the brand is associated spontaneously from customers to what they are looking for.
  • At the highest level the brand is the first that comes to mind for customers, sometimes it can be the only one. In special cases, even a product class is identified in the name of a brand (Scottex, Bic, Coca-Cola… )

La Aaker's Pyramid visually summarize these points.

How to build and improve brand awareness.

The keywords to build and improve the Brand Awareness are awareness, strategy, visibility e involvement.

If you want your brand to be known, first you have to be clear who you are, what you offer and to whom.

Then you can communicate through content made, published e promoted in a manner strategic.

  • Make yours Web sites and management software at the base of your e-commerce are well structured, fast and usable.
  • Make sure your written content are clear, communicative and optimized for search engines.
  • you can use SEO e SEA to index on search engines and promote you, thus earning traffic.
  • Create a logo recognizable and representative thanks to a professional graphic work.
  • Manage your channels social in a functional way, thanks to a editorial plan structured and effective communication.
  • Use the images e video lesson to communicate instantly and generate emotional involvement.

In this precise mechanism of focused plans and actions, the visibility and involvement they feed each other. You communicate and promote yourself effectively. Allow people to familiarize yourself with your brand.

Another example of the pinnacle of Brand Awareness

To definitively understand what is meant by Brand Awareness let's think about the brand Nike, which is another example (like Scottex) of Brand Awareness to a maximum and ideal degree. Already his name comes from the Greek goddess of victory, that moves big speed. The logo, simple ed essential, represents the wing of the goddess.

goddess nike statue with sun behind

The slogan "Just Do It” is considered one of the most successful of the twentieth century because it is brief e impact. Il involvement longed in universality of the sentence. "Failure e Enough" it can refer to any action you have to take in life to accomplish a goal. Great for a brand of footwear, apparel and sports equipment isn't it?

The success of the brand and its diffusion in the common imagination: How many times have you heard “I'll buy myself a pair of Nikes” instead of “I'll buy myself a pair of sneakers?”

Shoes=Nike: example where the product identifies through the brand.

Kilobit's advice

La Brand Awareness therefore it is the result of a construction of thebrand identity and its language based on target. The language becomes that of the contents, who come strategically promoted and what they generate interest and emotional involvement. So people they get familiar with the brand, lo recognize and associate spontaneously to products, goods and services.

As we have just seen, these results are obtained with a 360-degree work that includes a wide range of skills, all included in the network of internal and external professionals of kilobit.

Now that you know what it is Brand Awareness, if you have ideas on how you would like to work on it but you don't have the time and the necessary tools, you can ask us for one free advice and take a look at our offers.

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