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Targeted advertising: how to do it?

Structuring a targeted advertising campaign is the basis for marketing in an economical and intelligent way. Find out everything in this specialized article: from objectives to how to measure results, through to the tools you have at your disposal and the means of communication you can use.
March 14 2024

La targeted advertising it is an apparently very clear concept: but what exactly does it consist of? In fact, it's one thing to describe an approach... it's quite another to put it into practice: how can we do it then? What are the necessary steps, the media and instruments which can be used?

In this specialized article you will see where to start, you will know the possibility of targeted advertising that are there, you will be able to give yourself some goals, you can get yourself a action plan across multiple media and using different tools.

After that you will know how to measure results e what to pay attention to.

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The objectives of targeted advertising

In view of a marketing campaign Targeted advertising is therefore an approach that is used to achieve these specific objectives:

  • Ads that reflect specific interests and user behavior.
  • Culling of waste.
  • Increase in ROI.
  • Commitment.
  • Access to in-depth data that they allow you to do market analysis also useful for other things.
  • Reaching potential consumers at various stages of the purchasing journey.

The tools you have at your disposal

The first step is to set yourself goals which can be, for example, increasing your brand awareness, generate leads, drive sales or improve engagement. Then you have to understand your audience in relation to your brandcollecting demographic data, interests, purchasing behaviors and any other relevant information that can help you create a detailed profile of your potential customers.

You can do all this through different tools:

  • Google Analytics: to monitor the traffic of website, conversions and user behavior.
  • Google Ads: to create advertising campaigns on search engines and the display network, with advanced targeting based on keywords, interests and demographics.
  • Meta business suite: to manage advertising campaigns on Facebook e Instagram.
  • Mailchimp (or other email marketing tools): to segment audiences and personalize email campaigns.
  • SEMrush o Ahrefs: for SEO analysis broad spectrum.
  • Hootsuite o buffer: for management and programming of content on social media, also offering campaign performance analysis.

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The media for targeted advertising

We recommend that you first focus on social media, as people spend time there regardless of whether or not they are looking for your products or services. Trivially, while a person shakes between posts or stories on Instagram, will be able to see your advertisement because the algorithm will simply be able to recommend it to him. About this, study advertising customizations well of the different social networks and try things out.

They are definitely another timeless road search engines, because advertising can be targeted too by directly addressing what users are looking for. So study the keyword, analyze them and create campaigns with the tools we listed above.

Other means of communication you can use are:

  • le targeted emails.
  • - display ads displayed on advertising networks such as Google Display Network, very useful for improving visibility and supporting remarketing campaigns.
  • Video advertising: you know the ads before, after or during videos YouTube?
  • Also the collaboration with influencers it can be useful.

All these roads can be chosen exclusively based on the target or be used jointly and synergistically. It all depends on where the person you want to reach is. In general it could be said that it is better to use all these means together... but in fact it costs both time and money. So, the most important thing is to understand what is worth starting with and possibly adopt a new vehicle from time to time.

How to measure the results of targeted advertising

To measure results it is crucial to establish specific key performance indicators (KPIs).. The most useful and widespread are:

  • Il CTR, Or the ratio between the clicks an ad receives and how many times the ad appears.
  • Il CPA, or how much each acquisition costs, which can be a sale, a registration... answers the question:
  • Il conversion rate: How many users who saw the ad are acquired?
  • Il ROI. Let's talk about one final metric, or your return on investment. ROI is calculated by doing (Revenue – Expenses/Expenses) x 1oo. From this calculation you will get the percentage of profit you received targeted advertising campaign.

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THEregular analysis of this data allows you to see if your campaign is working and understand how to improve it.

All you have to do is try.

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