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How to increase your visibility on Google

Increasing your visibility on Google is essential for any business that operates on the web. To do this, there are various practices to follow starting from the structure of the site and its contents up to the migration to the https protocol, passing through social media and link building. Expand your knowledge base with us.
July 11 2023

Increase your visibility on Google it is a key objective that any business on the web must set itself.

In fact, over 95% of Italian users who search on search engines do so on Google. Having said that, today we want to emphasize the fact that unfortunately quality is not enough. At least as it is commonly understood.

For those who have taken the decision to transfer their business to the web as well, the concept of quality must not be sacrificed but is also open to all the baggage of knowledge suitable for increase your visibility on Google. You have to stay updated. We must abandon self-referential certainties.

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It is necessary to look around and consider that the amount of activities and contents similar to yours on the web is very likely enormous, even if you are inserted in a niche sector and in highly specific activities. This is because everything is there for all to see. So any alternative idea that you manage to carve out a special and exclusive space can be emulated and improved by someone else who is there ready to do it and who often makes it a skill.

And there is nothing discouraging or incorrect about this. It is simply the result of free information and the growth of the possibilities that we all have and thanks to which we can somehow realize ourselves.

The important thing is to remain open, to have the will to do and to be able to materialize.

In the meantime, expand your toolbox with us. Let's start.

The basics of a site to increase visibility on Google

Let's start with what needs to be considered when creating a site, from the choice of domain to good practices to ensure usability, performance and user permanence. Structuring a site according to these parameters will give you the necessary basis to carry out other sponsorship and search engine optimization activities.

We anticipate that the steps you will see now are simply focused on the user. So it is true that we need to adapt and somehow "please" a series of algorithms. But it is also true that these algorithms are evolved, dynamic, and the direction they are taking in interpreting the data we provide them is getting closer and closer to the point of view of the human user.

So forget crap like keyword stuffing in the meantime.

Choice of domain

The choice of the domain, in addition to identifying your business, giving you the opportunity to have a site and to let it be found, has to do with keywords. Keywords, sector and nature of the business coincide. So the domain has to do with visibility on Google.

To find out more, read ours article on domain choice.

Increase your visibility on Google with a fast and performing site

Another prerequisite for being liked by Google and above all by users is having a site that runs well. There speed of a website in fact it is one of the parameters taken into consideration to climb the SERP (search results page).

This is simply because, from a practical point of view, a site that loads in a second doesn't make the user leave. Unless we're talking about an indispensable portal to carry out certain practices, your site will be abandoned. In fact, we recall that the amount of material available is enormous.

Why wait for biblical loading times when just switching to another result?

skeleton with alarm clock waiting site visibility google

Ask yourself this question and you will realize that you too have passed over many times.

Web and Graphic Design

Structuring the site in terms of spaces and graphics (Web Design and Graphic Design) makes it not only aesthetically pleasing and engaging but also functional from a user experience (UX) point of view. Basically, a site structured from these points of view is clearer for the user, who carries out the activities of navigation, participation and conversion into a customer more easily.

Google's algorithms also evaluate this aspect and reward it.

Curate the mobile version

A site is almost always programmed and structured from a PC. But this does not mean that it is used mainly from desktops, on the contrary… lately the opposite is increasingly true. Taking care of the mobile version therefore, in addition to encouraging visits, contacts and sales, it affects placement and therefore helps to increase your visibility on Google.

Make the user stay

This is not a practice but a result. Taking the precautions that you have just read and will read are also and in particular aimed at keeping the user on the site.

Permanence is important, both as a statistical parameter for indexing purposes and because it increases the probability that the user will contact you or buy from you.

Use keywords and queries to increase your visibility on Google

Now that you have the site you need to optimize your content for search engines which means increase your visibility on Google, ergo index, ergo climb the SERP. Let's take a look at the elements to take into consideration for this purpose.

Depending on your sector, there are keywords and related questions asked by users (queries) that you need to identify and use in creating your content. You have already done this in part for the domain, but here we need to go deeper.

Keywords were the first thing that mattered in the SEO, and they still have a lot of it, but it's not enough anymore. Indeed, if keywords are used too much or thoughtlessly, there is even a risk of being penalized by Google.

How and where to use keywords and queries

Using keywords is essential, but it is important that they are linked to coherent content and lead to answers to certain questions asked by users: queries. Therefore, starting from one or more keywords, they are identified with the many typical tools Google Trends o Ahrefs, linked queries. From here an editorial plan is created which is expressed in blog articles and so on.

The aim is to structure a tree that goes from the general to the particular. The more general and exhaustive contents are called cornerstones.

The aim is therefore to exhaust the arguments by answering as many questions as possible in the best way. Here we return to an expanded concept of quality, where a balance must be found: on the one hand, the topics must be dealt with providing substance, on the other, it must be done with a simple, usable and SEO friendly style. Unless we are talking about a scientific essay, it can also be reduced where possible without problems.

In our specific article we talk about the SEO writing.

Link building to increase visibility on Google

La link building it is a practice that mixes technique with research and public relations. On the one hand, a network of internal links to your site is structured to make clear to users and to Google's algorithms the tree we told you about in relation to content.

tree branches content visibility google

On the other hand, a network of external links is created which lead to other sites or which are directed to ours from other sites. These allow users to delve into topics or find sources, while in the eyes of Google they convey authority and truthfulness.

But how is a network of external links structured?

Guest Posting

One way to structure a network of external links is to write articles on other blogs.

This content will link back to your site and vice versa


Directories are indexes of websites structured using categories and sub-categories. These are portals organized as a tree, where it is possible to find sites and contents precisely and quickly.

They're not as important as before, but considering listing your site, articles, and other content within a directory definitely helps.

Comment Marketing

It's about sharing opinions, opinions and experiences on other people's blogs. Doing this with criteria and continuity as well as helping to increase visibility is a way to disseminate and further define the brand identity if not increase the brand awareness.

Use social media to increase your visibility on Google

Have active and followed pages on social allows you to receive links and mentions to your content by obtaining free traffic, which for Google means authority and credit. In an initial phase, social networks were not considered and connected in this sense.

Now they are much more, given that the Google account is connected to both Meta and Instagram.

The importance of servers and the https protocol

Your site and its contents are hosted by a server active 24/7. Choosing a good hosting service contributes to site performance, therefore good user experience and therefore ad increase your visibility on Google.

The http protocol has so far been the only one to mediate communication between browser and server, guaranteeing a certain degree of security from hacking and so on. Today this protocol has evolved into https and to benefit from it you need to migrate your site.

blue padlock with google visibility protocol light

Other than for security reasons, doing this helps increase your visibility on Google. In fact, as reported by Google itself, there is a relevance between the protocol and indexing.

SEA: not just organic traffic

We close with one last way to get traffic: advertisements.

In fact, until now (apart from some link building practices and servers) we have talked to you about all free practices, excluding the costs of any professionals hired. Plus, for increase your visibility on Google, you can place advertisements that make you appear among the top positions for certain periods of time. The costs are modular and go per click.

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