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Website creation: the first step is to know the types

Web traffic in Italy and around the world has increased exponentially in recent years. This suggests to us that starting and moving your business online allows many users to choose it, because the web is their favorite place. Find out exactly what types of website you can create and for what purpose.
March 14 2022

In realization Web sites it is necessary to aim well because by now it is full of sites of all kinds that compete on the virtual square with codes and keywords. Otherwise, the risk is to remain invisible, where one of the main purposes is precisely visibility. The risk is to throw time, resources and expectations in an inconclusive direction.

Which would lead one to think that create a website all in all it was useless, when in reality it's an investment that can give your business a boost. Just know what steps to take.

On the one hand, you could easily not need a website and conduct your business only on the territory, as you always have, and bring home excellent results. It really depends on the nature of the business.

Why and how to invest in website development

On the other hand one could wisely exploit the considerable and rather constant growth in the intensity and volume of Internet traffic over the last two years, reported by AGCOM.

This graph shows the increase in data traffic on the fixed network.

increase in web traffic landline invest in site creation

This graph instead shows the increase in data traffic on the mobile network.

increase mobile traffic invest in website creation

To ride this wave it is no longer enough to buy a domain based on a simple nose choice, it is not enough to fill the page with improvised content, nor to give the website an anonymous aesthetic.

If you are interested in realizing your virtual presence, you need to know at least the basic range of possibilities and how they can be useful to you. This is the first step in making sense of your choice.

La creation of your website can transform from a leap in the dark into a rewarding investment. You will be able to find results analytically without losing your originality.

Types of websites you can build

Whether you are a company, a shop, a freelancer, an artist, a journalist or an influencer, here you will find the types of websites that can be right for you. Some of these can be implemented independently or be integrated with each other.

Showcase site

As the name suggests it is a website that has a mainly exhibition function. It is especially suitable for shops, companies and freelancers. It helps you get to know, therefore the first impact is fundamental. Here the images, the graphic style and the clarity of written content they must necessarily coordinate organically. In fact, the aim is to make sure that you immediately understand who you are, what you offer and where to click to find out more. The shape must be as consistent as possible with your brand identity.

From the first approach it is thus determined whether the user will deepen. If everything is easy to use, and if your offer is convincing, the conversion of the user into a customer becomes more likely. From the home you thus arrive at dedicated pages ai services, to yours contacts, and generally to a blog where there is content of interest related to your business.

All written or visual content, in addition to having an informative and characterizing purpose of the brand, also serves to index on search engines. Therefore one is highly recommended keyword study. If you want to know more, you can consult our two articles on SEO.

Il first it is more specific and suitable for those who already chew it a minimum. The according to It is suitable for beginners

Landing page (destination web page)

A single page that may or may not be linked to the showcase site. Its purpose is invite the user to perform a specific action. can advertise a certain post-sales service, a particular novelty concerning your brand or perhaps a limited promotional offer.

Basically it is a landing page.

plane landing example of web landing page creation

In website creation, landing page focuses on increase leads, conversion and sales.

Together with the showcase site, it is an effective tool to increase the Brand Awareness.

E-commerce site

Unlike a landing page, which serves to encourage sales through advertising, theE-commerce it's really yours Online shop. In the creation of websites, E-Commerce is certainly the most complex. Let's see why:

  • Like the other sites provides the application of digital marketing strategies.
  • Its functions must be structured through the use of Management software and applications.
  • There must be careful cost/benefit evaluation, bearing in mind storage, logistics and sales forecasting.


In the case of journalists, bloggers or influencers, that's all you need. We are talking about pages where written content is inserted that may be of interest to various topics. The purpose is information, to entertain and give a chance to interact.

Even in website of a company or a shop the section may be present Blog. In this case, the information purpose is combined with the promotion of the services concerned and with indexing on Google, because each article will be based on a search for the keywords.


It is the type addressed to artists and freelancers who work with creativity, especially in the visual and/or audiovisual field: graphics, photography and design are the professions most commonly interested in the site Portfolio.

Here it is the style that speaks for itself but above all the contents you present. The purpose is unique and simple, therefore there is no need for particularly complex choices regarding the texts, programming and functions offered by the site: in fact these are often essential.

Consulting for website development

La website creation therefore it can be addressed to different figures and can be expressed in many forms. We have shown you the most common types, which can easily satisfy the majority of purposes. These are the basics. Always keep in mind that each place websites may be custom according to yours identity ed needs.

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