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The value of an SEO consultancy

Today we clarify once and for all what to expect and what to ask for from a professional SEO consultancy.
October 7, 2022

Let's start immediately by clarifying that a SEO consultancy it is a set of practices that require technical skills, knowledge of the environment in which a commercial activity is inserted, communication and negotiation skills, a good dose of intuition and a little far-sighted vision.

The different skills involved often require a team to bring home precise, appreciable and fast results. More glances in fact guarantee that nothing is lost along the way but above all they can provide ideas that make the difference.

But how? An SEO consultancy was not only used to locate the keyword and put them in written content (like this article) to try to get on the first page of Google?

This is only part of an SEO consultancy, which is often sold as a necessary and sufficient condition for the result. But it's not a complete job. Let's say that optimized content is actually a tool, or rather, it's like furnishing a house. And what are the foundations?

small wooden house SEO consulting metaphor

If you wanted to have a house built, we imagine that you would be interested in seeing a project before starting work, right?

we at kilobit we offer professional SEO consultancy in Turin and not only. That's why we want to show you what they consist of. So you'll know what to expect, so what to ask us for. Let's check.

What does SEO mean?

It is an acronym that stands for "Search Engine Optimization" or "optimization for search engines“. The classic and exhaustive definition can also be easily found on Wikipedia. Just read the first paragraph.

We invite you to interpret it from a precise point of view.

Know that with a job of SEO optimization you will earn organic traffic, therefore not directly paid (like the SEA, i.e. temporary paid advertisements). What you pay for, if you don't want to take care of it yourself or decide to delegate the work to your internal team, is:

  • la advice from a professional or one web agency like kilobit,
  • la backlink trading,
  • the work of writing a SEO copywriters.

Before having a article where to insert keyword to hope to place yourself on the front page, however, you must have a site optimized. To have a optimized site (the foundations) you have to think about how to be found and who you want to be found by.

It starts with who you are, what you offer, who your target is and who your competitors are.

On the basis of these awarenesses, aSEO analysis to figure out which domain choose and how to work in back-end.

But to do this you need to know how the placement on search engines like Google (which we will continue to take as an example of a search engine, because it's the one we work on the most).

How do Google algorithms work?

google search ??? to answer value SEO advice

First of all, bear in mind that there are no precise, complete and permanent handbooks on the subject. This is because it is not possible to lay them out without excessive approximations. Google's algorithms are in fact dynamic. It means that over time and on the basis of the number and nature of the contents inserted globally, the systems for scanning the contents and the parameters that favor some rather than others change.

It is also for this reason that one SEO consultancy it's not just a technical job.

Do you want an example?

The game of keywords: watch out for keyword stuffing!

About fifteen years ago it was basically enough to compete to see who put the keyword more than once in the content.

For some it was too good to be true, because it was just a little game. But over time and with the increase in competition, so people who gradually realized it, the toy broke.

Today this thing is called keyword stuffing and is penalized.

Google has therefore taken action by refining its own algorithms to make them closer to human experience. The parameters have changed so that content that really answers the questions, that can be used by the reader, and that proves to be authoritative, will be rewarded.

Therefore, although the technical factors to consider remain, in order to interface with the algorithms, one must first of all think about providing quality and easy-to-read content. You will see that this way you will be rewarded.

The elements of an SEO consultancy

If you came to us with a Google ranking problem, the first thing we'd do is take a look at your site. But not only to the contents: first right at domain and to URL of the various pages. It is from what already starts the SEO optimization work, well before writing articles full of keywords.

Then we would go to see the home and the other pages as they appear both from the point of view of design that from a point of view of user experience: is the site visually pleasant to see? Is there a good ratio between written and graphic content? Do images have optimized titles and alt attributes? Is it easy to navigate? Is it intuitive to navigate?

But above all is it fast?

digital stopwatch speed website seo consulting element

All these questions must have a positive answer. It is essential before starting to write a thousand articles on the blog with links that refer to the pages of your services, your products or that end with call to action "captivating". So be careful to do obsolete persuasive marketing without having a structured substance.

Without a good foundation, everything else becomes counterproductive: a waste of time, resources, energy and credibility.

SEO analysis

We use tools like Google Trends e Ahrefs to extrapolate keyword data.

Su Trends we find graphs on the search trend of a keyword over time with territorial statistics.

Su Ahrefs instead you can see in depth how difficult it is to place on a keyword (therefore how many backlink that link to your content serve), the volume of a keyword (how much is searched on average per month) and the traffic potential.

There are also suggestions on possible other compatible keywords and related questions: this, for example, helps to draw up an editorial plan for articles. In addition, all the pages placed on that keyword are presented with the corresponding positions in SERP, i.e. in result pages.

Identify what people are looking for

This is the most important thing: statistics and data are not everything, even if they are a valuable indication.

This is where theinsight, knowledge real oftechnology in which is inserted abusiness and people who address you.

Knowing what people are looking for, and in what formula, means know what they need and what questions they ask.

If you try to place yourself on a keyword in an exclusively didactic (or too specific) way, you are most likely not answering anyone's questions. Then your site will not be found.

Copywriting in an SEO consultancy

Now that we have laid the foundations, we can move on with full knowledge of the facts to the most operational and lasting phase: the drafting of written content, which is often requested without the previous work having been done and sold off without dignity.

Content written by a copywriter who knows the SEO (or that is directed by experts) are a very powerful tool. Let's talk about what is written on the home page and on the other pages of a site, in the descriptions of the products and in the articles.

The characteristics of an SEO article

Articles must be written for answer user questions and curated to be interpreted correctly by Google algorithms. So they must be clear, exhaustive e structured with titles H1, H2, H3 (and possibly H4, H5 and so on) which give an early idea of ​​the topic and which help to orientate.

Articles that rank on Google contain optimized images in both titles and alt attributes.

They contain internal links to the site, which serve to create a network of links between popular content and to finally refer to products and services. And they also contain external links to other pages, mainly a authoritative and reliable sites: these, both to users and in the eyes of Google's algorithms, give credibility to the article and they reward him with a better positioning in SERPs.

Almost always, as we do, the SEO copywriters have used WordPress to insert slug e meta description.

WordPress page SEO consulting article

As you see in the preview, it slug will be part ofURL for the environment, and the meta description offers on SERP a preliminary description of the article, so that the user knows immediately what he is going to read. Here it is recommended to enter the keyword, but you should never do it at the expense of consistency. As in all stages of a SEO consultancy, technique must be combined with concrete values.

Link Building in an SEO consultancy

Now that you have an optimized site, you have articles that answer user questions and help you climb the ranks in the SERP, it's time to take it one step further: a practice that really makes a difference.

If you remember, we already mentioned the above link building and we told you about one of the stats that are on Arhefs: the difficulty of placing on one keyword relating to the number of backlink that link to your article.

By this we mean that, to ensure a good placement in the SERP, it is necessary that on external sites there are links to yours that refer to your content. How is this achieved?

Backlink trading

You could be an absolutely authoritative source and be recognized to such an extent that others decide to cite your content without the need for you to actively do anything. But this is rare. Maybe that's not your case yet.

A more accessible solution is to engage in trades of backlink with other sites.

iron nodal network link building in an SEO consultancy

This is where games come into play communication and negotiation skills, but also the creativity to find sites that might be interested in quoting you for mutual benefit.

By making contact, perhaps via email, it is possible to make an schange to help each other. Depending on the proportions of authority between you and the site you deal with, you can barter, buy or sell backlink.

  • If a site is more powerful and authoritative than you, you will buy.
  • If it is less, you will be contacted to sell.
  • If there is mutual gain, one can also exchange backlink no money transactions.

What to watch out for?

Don't get quoted by suspicious or dishonest sites. In fact, the Google algorithm is also attentive to this. If you get quoted from fictitious sites, the result will not be climbing the SERP but being penalized.

Also be careful not to give away traffic to competitor sites for no reason: it is a counterproductive move and without a strategy.

Have we answered your questions?

Your feedback is important. We would be happy to hear if you want to know more about the subject and if we could have been clearer. If you want more information or you want to contact us to take advantage of one SEO consultancy, Just contact us.

You can fill out the form, call us, write us an email or come directly to visit us.

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