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How to create a successful logo for your brand

Creating a logo is the basis for building brand identity, spreading it and making it recognized. The elements that characterize a logo frame it in a sector and address a target. The Graphic Designer masters the elements and it is important that you relate to them well. Find out how to do it.
June 19 2023

Knowing how to create a logo is a fundamental step for any brand that wants to stand out, be recognized immediately and above all remembered.

In fact, the logo is the visual emblem which, through an image, instantly represents an identity, with all that it entails. In fact, we are talking about a combination of colours, shapes and fonts which, by playing on the collective (or universal or specific geographical/social area) imagination, manages to communicate values, personality and mission.

A well-designed logo expresses what is said in the most unambiguous way possible. Generate mental and emotional connections with the target audience, instilling trust in terms of solidity, consistency, reliability and professionalism. It also clearly distinguishes our brand from the competition or associates it with others in the context of partnerships and joint ventures.

So we are dealing with a powerful tool, which contributes a lot in building the brand identity and precise marketing strategies.

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But how can you create a logo that manages to have these characteristics and functions? How can you actually achieve these results and be sure they are done?

It being understood that anyone has the right to draw it on a bar napkin and go by the way or by trial and error, the fastest and most direct way to ensure certain results is to rely on a professional.

However, it is not enough just to find the right person, contact them and delegate everything to them. You also need to know what and how to ask, how to monitor and evaluate the work in order to avoid misunderstandings, wasted time and other related problems.

Now let's take a closer look at the elements of a logo related to the sector and target. Then we'll go to understand how to relate to the professional you choose.

Elements of a logo related to sector and target

A logo is therefore much more than an eye-catching image. Wisely mixing its elements means capturing the essence and personality of your brand, framing it exactly in the sector in which you operate and in the semantic field that your target audience can grasp.

The elements of a logo that are most considered to connect to a specific sector and target are:

  • Text: Represents the brand name or company acronym. The choice of font is important to place yourself in a specific sector. For example, a thin and elegant cursive font that looks like a signature can immediately give the idea of ​​a valuable artisanal activity, or one that is closely tied to a particular individual. Or an angular and precise font can be linked to institutional brands.
  • Icon/symbol: Distinctive graphic elements that accompany the text of the logo. They can be abstract images, a recognizable symbol that can immediately be traced back to something known or a stylized representation of an object related to the company's business. The icon helps create a memorable visual image of the brand, which is important in creating associations that contribute to the Brand Awareness.
  • Color: has a significant impact on appearance, brand perception, and which industries it associates with. Colors evoke emotions, represent specific values, draw attention, speak of moods, dynamism or immobility, order or chaos, passion or tranquillity. Trivially, a green of a certain shade is often connected with the medical and pharmaceutical fields or with eco-sustainability. A red and a black are the colors of aggressiveness and captivating par excellence, so we see them - for example - in brands that still reflect and address a certain idea of ​​masculinity.
  • Shapes and lines: have to do with what we just said about text, icon and symbol. Shapes and lines can be regular, associating the brand with sectors that somehow reflect order and regularity, or, on the contrary, irregular. Then, beyond these two extremes, there are many nuances that must be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Other more technical elements and less related to the sector and the reference target are aspect ratio and spacing. The relationship between the text and the icon, the distance between the elements and the distribution of the empty space around the logo determine the visual balance, legibility and harmony between the different elements.

Finally, a well-designed logo must work in different sizes and on different mediums. It must be easily recognizable both on a website and on a business card, in both printed and digital versions.

La logo versatility it is essential to ensure visual consistency across all applications and to ensure effective brand exposure.

How to create a logo together with the Graphic Designer

The Graphic Designer is the figure who knows all the elements just seen and even more. He knows how to use them and how to mix them together so that your idea is actually realized in giving a precise image to the specific target. This it does by combining technical skills with artistic skills, thus effectively applying the concepts of Web Design.

When working with a Graphic Designer it is crucial to clearly communicate your goals, vision and expectations for the logo. This means that you have to think carefully about it first. So we strongly advise you to look around before contacting the professional, so you can also give him examples from which to orient himself, or at least make a visual reference of what you have in mind.

Helping you with our concise guide regarding the elements of a logo, allows you to use the same language.

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Dialogue openly and without presumption is the key to achieving the compromise between what you want and what works. In fact, not always what one presumes to want arises from a complete idea of ​​the whole and therefore from a real knowledge of the cause. Certainly in your industry you can be successful and your very respectable body of knowledge… but so does the Graphic Designer.

Respecting the profession of others by ensuring clarity, openness and trust as well as being ethical and the basis of human respect is also convenient from the point of view of results and sometimes from an economic point of view. In fact, if the professional gets on well with you as a client, in addition to working on your project with sincere passion, he will also be willing to help you in the case of price negotiations or perhaps by offering you something extra.

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