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Brand Identity

An identifiable brand creates interest, transmits trust and is chosen. Find out how to create a brand starting from the construction of its identity.
June 3 2022

La Brand Identity it is the set of elements that distinguish a brand. These include logos, colours, the language through which media and advertising communication is expressed, plus any jingles or simply characteristic sounds (such as that of Netflix). All these pieces, taken together, give the identity to a brand. So they create an image that allows the public to remember the brand, to connect to it emotionally, and therefore to prefer it over others that offer essentially the same services and products.

The highest goals of a job Brand Identity they are entering the collective imagination, making sure that one's brand is spontaneously associated with the products and services offered. And viceversa.

So the Brand Identity it is not only built as a concept, but it is a real marketing work that is often (and erroneously) attributed only to multinationals. Actually the structure of a Brand Identity it is an indispensable move for small and medium-sized enterprises that want to stand out from the vast competition. It also applies to those who are independent influencers.

This is how the brand, through the elements that make up its identity, offers the public aoffering Made of values, personality, vision, orientation, products and services. Then do one promise with anyone who becomes aware of the brand, but it is said that the intention behind this promise is not exactly perceived by the public, nor that it is kept.

For this we need to be realistic with respect to what is being proposed and to have precise knowledge of the environment and of the people to whom we refer. In other words, you have to prepare well. To do this, let's start with the basics.

How to create a brand

To create a brand you have to build a good one together Brand Identity. Let's start cmaking combinations of associations, with the aim of keeping them consistent. To simplify our work, we draw on the studies of Aaker (same as the degree pyramid of the Brand Awareness), dividing these associations into four groups. Here we show them reworked with our approach:

  • Products (services): we conceive i products or services as a mirror of brand. We therefore consider the characteristics and attributes, the quality/price ratio, when and how they are used/consumed/enjoyed, how and where production takes place.
  • Organization: let's consider i values e the orientation of the brand reflected in management and staff. This is how the philosophical, ethical, moral and social framework is expressed within the environment in which the brand.
  • Personality: the brand can be humanized. Here we consider all the elements associated with personality and emotions.
  • Symbols: here we draw on symbolism and semiotics by binding communicative elements and inserting them coherently in any context described above. We can say that the symbols are the glue of a Brand Identity.

By creating these associations and linking the elements one can create the unique recipe of an indistinguishable identity. This will guide all advertising content and new market or production ideas.

For ideas, remember to study the competition and carry out appropriate market surveys.

Brand Identity linked to Brand Image and Brand Awareness

La Brand Identity it should not be confused with the Brand Image (audience perception) nor with the Brand Awareness (notoriety).

An exact knowledge of public perception is achieved by crossing data analyzed in the preliminary market survey phase, and a posteriori data, mainly done through surveys or perhaps by evaluating interactions on social media pages. Then question and answer are combined. And it is not said, always, that the image that the public has of us corresponds to the Brand Identity that we built.

It is for this reason that in the construction of the Brand Identity it is necessary to study the market well, the target and above all make sure that each element that builds the identity (logo, colours, language, etc…) is coherent with the other.

You have to be specific to earn a special place in the collective imagination and keep it.

In other words the Brand Identity should be mirrored as closely as possible Brand Image and aspire to the degree greater than Brand Awareness, which we remember to be the degree of notoriety.

What is needed to build the Brand Identity

In addition to an idea and something to propose, to build one Brand Identity work is needed on several fronts. Starting from an in-depth knowledge of yourself and what you want to offer, you then need to study the market through analysis tools and identify a semantic-symbolic field that will structure the language and guide the graphic works for logos, Web Design, the making of audiovisual material and suitable promotional strategies.

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