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Web Design: what it is and what it is for.

A job of Web Design is used to design and create a website as a work of art. Let's see the principles that underlie it, the processes, the figures involved and the practical utility of this work.
December 7 2021

Il Web Design is the design and development of a website. It involves different processes cared for by more professionals and coordinated by web designer, who therefore must have experience, or at least knowledge, of all the skills involved.

A work of Web Design it is multifaceted but the direction is only one: create a site that is beautiful to look at and easy to navigate.

Before delving into the processes and figures involved in this work, we must highlight its main utilities, which we will explore in more detail at the end of the article. Firstly developing a good site gives you advantages visibility and conversion.

But what does it mean to develop a “good site”?

Develop a good site

First of all, there are objective aesthetic parameters scientifically studied for pleasing the human eye. This means conveying an idea of ​​order, which instantly gives the human eye pleasure and a sort of security. These aesthetic parameters are matter of Web Designer, which can exploit them to make a site that is good from this point of view.

It's a starting point.

The studies in this regard come from figurative art and are expressed mathematically through the famous golden section, which is found in proportions of the natural world, therefore from how tiny organisms are made and organized up to the coat of certain animals, passing through plants.

Here is a visual diagram of the golden section.

This aesthetic principle as well as being applied in the Web Design it is also found in cinematographic shots, in the photography itself, in architecture, and since it is based on a mathematical formula it can also be applied to other contexts that are not visual.

We are talking about proportions, which are the basis of harmony in every sense.

Harmony in Web Design

The concept of harmony, in addition to belonging to the artistic world, also has to do with human brain. The golden ratio seen before is ancestral but timeless. Similar studies are applied modernly in psychology and neurology.

When we talk about a site we also talk about communication e marketing.

Il Web Designer he is not necessarily a psychologist, a neurologist, a communicator and a marketing expert. However, he is aware that his work touches on these aspects he knows the rules of the trade to get close to the results of the studiesi in this sense.

This is why it relies on the concept of harmony, which is its guiding star in the design and creation of a site, because it is precisely harmony that makes a site pleasant to see, usable and easy to navigate.

Let's go and see what are the phases, processes and figures involved in a work by Web Design.

Phases, processes and figures involved in a Web Design work

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Let's see the work phases in four points.


  • CONCEPT: before starting with building a website you need to be clear on what to communicate and to whom. The answer can be very simple and focus on choices. So you have apreliminary idea of ​​the structure and aesthetics. At this stage the graphic and the web designer they are already collaborating to create the graphic draft: the work plan.
  • ANALYSIS: now the concept it must be related to what is around, therefore it adapts, expands and refines itself. We analyze competitors and user responses on other sites, so that they can be done targeted choices.
  • BACKEND: while the draft takes a definite shape the foundation of the structure. At this stage the programmer encoding architecture and functions of the website.
  •  FRONTEND: in this phase it is realized everything that the user will see and be able to interact with.

Il Web Designer then realize graphics e layout and decides the provision dhe elements. It takes care of site structure, which must be light e fluid, so it guarantees that the user when you visit the site either guided, understand immediately what to do, e what steps to follow to achieve his goal.

Uses markup languages, namely HTML for the structure and CSS for presentation. USA JavaScript, Or a programming language to create interactive components within web pages.

Choose the right one typegraphics and interface for to communicate with the user in a manner simple e direct. Select thecolor set so that it is desirable to the eye and avoid to create confusion to the visitor.

Usefulness of Web Design.

There is no purpose in implementing strategies of Web Marketing without taking care of the territory where the intercepted user arrives.

If a site is beautiful to look at and easy to use the user there remains more, visit it in a manner active and interacts with the contents. So familiarize yourself with brand identity, remembers and recognizes her in the future (Brand Awareness).

So if yours website your offer will be attractive as well. 

A work of Web Design to be done at its best it needs one network of professionals which works in sync for optimize communication and user experience.

we at kilobit we are this and we adapt our skills to your ideas and your purposes.

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we at kilobit we are a network of professionals with experience in programming, in digital marketing, in the creation of multimedia products and in the drafting of content in key SEO.

We provide our decades of experience in various sectors for a personalized service a 360°. We have the tools to make your business land and take off on the websites.

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