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Visibility on Twitter: how to have it using algorithms and SEO

Developing a certain visibility on Twitter makes you stand out to an audience that mainly wants to inform themselves and discuss recent news. Being fresh and contextual is therefore essential to attract attention, along with knowledge of the algorithm and SEO practices.
14 September 2023

Develop a certain visibility on Twitter it is useful for promoting an initiative, an activity, a service, a product and an idea. We are talking about the most famous and used microblogging platform on the planet, commonly known for attracting the interest of various political figures in the Western world, who spread news, opinions and communicate directly with people like in no other social network.

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Naturally Twitter it not only gives the possibility to write short text messages, but also to share videos, photos, have audio chats and post external content. An example is your own site, to which you can easily bring traffic thanks to strategic use of the platform.

For this and other reasons it can be useful for anyone with an online business to delve deeper Twitter beyond common sense and its primary utility. The microblogging platform, in fact, if used in conjunction with its own place, ecommerce, And with other social networks, can bring traffic and customers.

Let's see how to approach this social network and how we can have visibility on Twitter leveraging the knowledge of its algorithm and SEO.

How Twitter works and what it offers

Twitter so it is a microblogging-based social media platform, where users mainly share short messages called “tweets” with the world. Tweets can be commented on by anyone and accompanied by video content, photos, external links or another tweet.

This platform has similar functions to the others. In fact, in addition to commenting, you can like, mention and insert hashtags like any other social meta, you can create “moments” (which are like the stories of Instagram), you can send direct messages, create group audio chats and you can do live streaming. All with a spirit of immediacy comparable to TikTok.

Twitter It is especially useful for networking and also offers a showcase of global trends, which essentially shows an overview of the most discussed topics. From this you can take inspiration for your own content, you can inform yourself and obtain data.

Therefore, also considering the high interactivity of the comments that can be had both on one's own tweets and on those of the profiles of brands or people of interest, from Twitter you can extrapolate excellent material to make market surveys. These can be functional in understanding some needs that a certain target has, their all-round political opinions, which public figures (and from which sector) they appreciate or despise, which services and products they might want and consequently how to sponsor from a sight of form, language and imagery that is evoked.

Start from knowing the algorithm to gain visibility on Twitter

Social media algorithms are dynamic, so they do not always remain the same over time. We have already specified this when talking about theGoogle algorithm and in articles concerning the visibility on social media. However, there is a substantial curve of knowledge that can be acquired in this regard. This piece of information allows us to understand some of the parameters for which a page and content are more visible than others to a given target.

The algorithm of Twitter determines which tweets appear in each user's timeline. The factors considered are:

  • User involvement: The algorithm rewards tweets that have received the most interactions, such as likes, retweets and comments.
  • Relevance to the user: The algorithm tries to identify and select tweets that are most relevant to the user's interests and activities.
  • Freshness of tweets: Twitter is mainly used to talk about current events, so the more recent and contextual a tweet is, the more likely it is to gain visibility compared to another.
  • Regularity: How often you tweet is an important factor in your visibility in search results. Try to tweet at least once a day, or more often if possible.
  • Publication times: Try to post when your target audience is most active.

SEO also matters to increase visibility on Twitter

La SEO is the set of activities aimed at improving the visibility of a website in the search results of search engines. Twitter it does not have a direct ranking factor. However, there are practices that can help improve the organic results linked to your page and site:

  • Optimize your Twitter profile: Make sure your username, profile name, bio, and profile photo include keywords relevant to your website.
  • Publish quality, relevant content: quality and relevance to your brand and audience are factors that apply to the visibility on Twitter.
  • Use hashtags: hashtags are like coordinates to ensure that contents are part of macro categories.
  • Interact with other users: the profile must be considered active for have visibility, especially active with the community, as it is a social network. Then retweet, comment and tag other users to increase the visibility on Twitter.

Even for the SEO then the times and frequency of publication apply. The freshness of the tweet, on the other hand, is relatively valid as, depending on your strategy, you can focus on both cornerstone and fleeting content.

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So, in summary, to have visibility on Twitter You need to frequently post valuable, relevant and contextual content. You need to stay up to date, keep an eye on trends and continually interact with other tweets of interest, both commenting and retweeting them. All this considering SEO practices and publication times: you need to help users find you and the algorithm to highlight you. So post when the people you want to reach are most active, and provide them with tweets that are consistent with the topic they need to discuss.

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