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Packaging design: functional aesthetics

Packaging design functions, elements and case studies. Find out how to define and put into practice this fundamental marketing action: an application of functional aesthetics that differentiates, communicates, preserves, presents and allows enjoyment. Know all its nuances and learn tips to revolutionize the packaging of your products.
April 24 2024

Packaging design in two words is functional aesthetics. Superficially it defines the container of a product. More profoundly it is a procedure that becomes an integral part of fongiving the identity of a brand and its communication.

Then a packaging design is fundamental marketing action.

It is for these and other reasons that we are about to see that packaging is not just a matter for designers. Anyone selling something should know about it. Likewise, even those who just buy should know what's behind everything they buy.

What is packaging design for?

Il packaging design therefore influences purchasing decisions, spreads e identifies the brand beyond the product itself and impacts the consumer experience.

Now let's go more specifically, expanding these essential functions:

  • A goal of packaging is attract attention of consumers.
  • So it's also useful for differentiate your product on the shelves.
  • Then the packaging communicates multiple pieces of information to the consumer, from the most didactic to those that arise from associations. So we will have from product details, ingredients and instructions for use up to the expression of the brand's values. Part of this communication is also the form itself, choice of colors and the language adopted.
  • Good packaging guarantees theintegrity it is the best storage possible of the product at all stages of its journey.
  • Intelligent design in some cases affects the use of the product. Think of a mayonnaise sachet or fruit juice. The easier it is to consume the product, the more the product will be chosen. And this factor, at times, risks being more important than quality. This is an example of how the design, aesthetics aside, becomes a fundamental differentiating parameter.

products in packaging design on shelves

Elements of good packaging design

From the functions, therefore, we are going to derive the fundamental elements to consider in conceiving and building a good packaging design:

  • Colors influence mood, emotions and reflect the personality of the brand. Furthermore, some colors attract attention and immediately recall a specific set of cultural meanings.
  • Another fundamental element is the typography. This is both the vehicle and the body of the message. In other words it must be aesthetically pleasing, significant, it must reflect the brand and the associated imagery, but above all it must be easily readable and recognisable.
  • Obviously it's very important the material used. This defines the quality of the product, both the actual and perceived quality. Today, then, the choice of sustainable materials manages to be a further one differentiation parameter. In fact it is preferred by many, even beyond the quality.
  • La crafts, as we said before, contributes to both aesthetic communication and use. Don't underestimate intelligent solutions that can facilitate shipping and storage. Solutions like this, frankly, save a lot of money.

3 case studies to inspire you

Each of these case studies was chosen for its different effect. We'll see how packaging can attract new customers, as it can revolutionize the use of a product and how can offer new reasons to buy the product.

Acqua di Parma

This historic Italian perfume brand has renewed its packaging. It maintains the traditional Art Deco style while introducing modern and sustainable elements. This makeover strengthened the brand's luxury positioning, attracting a new generation of environmentally conscious consumers.

Example of how a packaging design choice attracts new customers.


Everyone knows these chips and the reason is obvious: it's one question of design. The idea of ​​cylindrical packaging as opposed to the widespread sachets, first of all presents the product differently. So it differentiates it, makes it original, increases the chances of it being noticed and chosen. Furthermore, it is a solution that preserves the integrity of the chips, their freshness, allows you to store them more easily and take them gradually and comfortably.

Example of how a packaging design choice revolutionizes the use of a product.

red pringles tube official website


The famous coffee producer has launched a limited series of packages created in collaboration with Italian artists. Each package features a unique design that captures elements of Italian culture and passion for coffee. This strategy stimulates interest and purchases from collectors.

Example of how a packaging design choice offers new reasons to buy the product.

Tips for creating a packaging design

In light of the functions, elements and examples, we conclude with some advice for creating intelligent, functional, interesting and successful packaging design.

As always it is useful to collect and understand the consumer feedback. People must be listened to, because they are the recipients of our products. Then run surveys, focus groups and review any comments you can find on the social. Do this it will offer you direction.

Then, once you've got something out, test it. Testing is just as critical as polling. Indeed listening and testing are the two phases of the work that separate us from our point of view. Our point of view is often what allows us to have our ideas, to make our choices and perhaps to open ourselves up to possibilities. Just as often, remaining anchored to our point of view limits us.

Listening and testing are therefore a key to finding a balance that helps us do business.

Finally, don't be afraid to experiment with new materials and innovative designs. Try to think outside the box, while remaining concrete. Look around and try to revolutionize what you see... but without overdoing it for the sake of it! Sometimes the best ideas are the simplest.

In case you don't have the time or desire to develop such solutions, you can contact Kilobit. Thanks to our network of professionals of all kinds, including graphic designers, designers and advertisers, you can have a team available that will take care of create your own packaging design solution.

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