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NFT: find out what they are and how they work

The new frontier of digital investments. Discover NFT Art and enjoy unquestionable property rights secured by smart contracts on blockchain.
May 20, 2022

You've at least heard of them lately. The acronym NFT is going to Non-fungible tokens, or non-fungible digital token. But what is meant by non-fungible?

It is a product unique, that therefore cannot be copied e nor replace.

For example let's talk about digital products of any type (images, audio, video, text… ) identified through a certified armored by one Smart contract on a network system Blockchain, which uses a distributed ledger in which i data collected they cannot be altered in no way.

In other words, a NFT has a kind of author's signature which establishes indisputable property rights. Or, better still, it has a unique and inimitable identification code, like a person's fingerprints.

This guarantee before the system Blockchain it wasn't there Internet. That's why the NFT I'm a'digital innovation Without precedents, that is changing the financial, artistic and media world. For some it represents the opportunity to publish one's own art or other intellectual fruits with guaranteed copyright, without going through the usual channels that have monopolized the sector up to now. For others it means producing minigames, graphics and more to monetize. For still others it allows them to invest, identifying and participating in sales and auctions.

Investments in NFT Art and more

To better understand how the NFT and because they represent one investment opportunities we tell you about the most widespread and expandable field of application: the world of art. However, the same mechanism that we are about to describe applies to any other type of digital content that has already known and widespread possibilities of use. But not only. In fact, depending on the communication that promotes a particular product, interest can be created where previously there was not even knowledge.

How do they work then?

An artist creates a audiovisual content and save it in digital format. The content saved on the internet is identified through a string of numbers in binary code which is compressed into a shorter form called hash.

This identification code moves to one Blockchain through one Smart contract. That's how adigital artwork finally becomes a NFT whoseauthor and proprietario.

We have divided the last two figures on purpose because it is not always said that the author is the owner. From here we come to NFT Article like digital investment opportunities.

Trading on the Marketplaces

As in the physical auctions le digital artwork can be put on marketplaces e sold to the highest bidder, which in turn it will be able to resell them in the future if and when their value increases in cryptocurrency.

THEincrease in value of a NFT can be encouraged through media promotion depending on the initiative and creativity of the owner, or it can happen randomly according to specific cases. In fact, even if it is something new that you may not yet know deeply, we are still talking to you about an investment which, as such, complies with the market rules already known. They are just applied in a slightly different field. Let's say that, after all, it's just a matter of form.

An art gallery, for example, can sponsor the works of a specific author by organizing exhibitions where a buffet of wine and canapés is offered. The exhibitions, in turn, can be advertised through marketing campaigns.

On the other hand, it may happen that an author gets media attention indirectly, perhaps as a result of viral trends that are sometimes created by chance: it's up to those who have an interest in proposing their works to grasp this trend and ride it.

- investments in NFTs they follow the exact same dynamics.

Would you like advice on creating NFTs or investing in them?

we at kilobit we follow this digital innovation starting from its birth. Some of our network members themselves invest in NFT and have the knowledge to offer one in-depth advice.

We also have authors, graphic designers and programmers who can create them, marketing experts who can promote them, SEO and social analysts who can understand trends, help you give birth or ride them.

If you're interested contact us to clarify your doubts: you will discover that there are many other fields of application in addition to NFT Article.

Tell us your idea and receive a free quote.

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