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Photo shoots, corporate videos and promo videos involve and interest more and more customers through the power of language for images and sounds.
April 13 2022

To understand the true value of photos and videos on a communicative level, imagine having to make a child understand what a hammer: Is it easier to show him or explain how it's done? Which of the two options is more effective?

hammer as an object to show in photos and videos

By showing an object, or an image of it, you avoid making the user go through a mental passage which on the one hand would have activated him more (because he should have imagined the hammer), but on the other hand one cannot always expect that this activity whether desired or convenient from a communicative point of view.

Often too many words complicate things. Focus is lost message, that in marketing it is essential that it is:

  • Chiaro
  • Simple
  • Direct
  • Authentic
  • custom

If communication is clear, simple e direct users will immediately understand who you are and will be able to immediately get an idea of ​​what you offer, whether they are services or products. This already benefits you, because (as happens on a website) the fewer steps are necessary to understand and choose you, the more likely it is that a user will become a customer: but why?

Because people want to make as little effort as possible, especially when surfing.

If the content truly reflects you (so it is authentic) will be automatically customized, therefore original. Thus your brand takes on a defined identity, which allows you to stand out among the competition.

Then, again, increase the likelihood that customers will choose you over others simply because you are not anonymous, and yours grows brand awareness, i.e. the awareness that people have of your brand in relation to what you offer (Scottex=Nike absorbent paper=sports shoes).

To achieve these goals you can rely on photo shoots, corporate videos e promo video: powerful means of communication in several fields. There are many types but in this article it is not important or useful to list them. In fact, the distinctions are mostly used by insiders to understand each other by referring to proven narrative formulas.

In practice, the result rarely falls into a single category, and it's better this way because it's more unique.

Now you will see what it can be used for, for what reasons, and the basic concepts to make it engaging.

How to use Photos and Videos

We return to hammer. This time instead of making people understand what it is, you have to make people understand its use without saying a word.

How would you do?

camera for making photos and videos

  • I photographic services they can be a business card of your working reality. In this case they are intended to represent it through images of the management, the staff and the place.
  • They can serve to show the correct use of a machine to prevent your employees from putting themselves in danger.
  • Or they are useful for showing products, especially in a E-commerce, approaching customers who only buy from home.

If you don't show the product you want to sell online, you don't make it clear what you're proposing (even if it's written) and, unless you're a well-known brand, a potential customer wouldn't trust you and move on.

From these basic uses you can safely imagine a large number of specific and unique cases.

There is no limit to creativity.

All types of can have the same uses corporate videos need promo video, with the difference that from ours we have the dynamism of moving images, the sounds of words and music.

Naturally integrating captions and words is not forbidden, quite the contrary. This is the case with the video tutorial for example (which satisfies the need to show the uses of our famous hammer), where the words are there but are reduced to the essentials, therefore they are necessary or complementary.

With photos and videos stand out and address a target

Now he always thinks the same martello. Now it's no longer enough for you to show what it is and what it's for, but you always have to sell it without saying a word. Add that you are not the only one who sells hammers and that you want to address "do-it-yourself" enthusiasts.

What solutions come to your mind? Remember that you cannot use words.

With photos and videos, to stand out and address a precise clientele it is necessary to create an atmosphere, to recall a specific imagery. In other words, give an idea that represents everything around what you are showing. These are the elements to take into account to do so:

  • Candle Dyes
  • Lighting
  • Sounds and Music
  • Point of view of the shots
  • Rhythm of assembly
  • Environment
  • People

All these elements can be mixed with infinite effects. The result is one storytelling.

And here, to get to the heart of it, we let ourselves be inspired by cinema.

Show, don't explain

We abandon the usual hammer.

Rather imagine a film in which a narrative voice or writings explain the entire plot, character and motivations of the characters in detail. Wouldn't the result be an aseptic and uninteresting list?

In theory, a silent scene is enough to express hundreds of words, even better.

start shooting photos and videos

The films universally considered masterpieces are those in which the characters and the story express themselves through scenes and dialogues without didactic explanations. The right balance between clarity and not said generates involvement. The viewer is interested and moved because he is given room for interpretation. This doesn't mean misrepresenting, but connecting to what we see because it speaks to something that is already within us. And often these things are very simple and direct even if they are not explained, but precisely shown.

This approach is used in photo shoots, corporate videos e promo video with surprising results.

Do you want to sponsor yourself with photos and videos?

Every way of showing yourself, in digital marketing means promoting yourself, both directly and indirectly.

The network of kilobit includes film screenwriters, photographers, videographers and fitters by profession, who apply their experience to photo shoots, corporate videos and promo videos for any purpose you desire.

Our characteristic is to create a personalized narration, which has a tone, a language and a form consistent with your identity, with your target and with what you want to expose. This approach serves to provide you with a 360° service. Indeed if author, operator and editor of your corporate video has direct contact with whoever developed the site for you, so the communication is consistent in every aspect.

If you want to know more you can ask us a free quote or make an appointment to visit us on site.


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