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Evolution of advertising: how it adapts to times and people

The evolution of advertising goes hand in hand with social, cultural and technological changes. With a focus on the technological aspect, we see how advertising has evolved and how companies are called upon to face the related challenges.
February 22 2024

The evolution of advertising goes hand in hand with i social, cultural and technological changes. Anyone who advertises is therefore called upon to identify which are the symbols and representations ofcommon imagination, and how this are related to need, values e expectations.

From these he will then find the communication and images that speak directly to people for the purpose of promoting and selling.

Even the viewers of the advertisements (therefore practically anyone) are called to consciously understand what they are looking at and what drives the communication that reaches them. This is because, in this age of hyper-personalization and thanks to the personalization functions of the social feed, it is actually possible relate more directly with companies and brands.

Therefore, from the role of passive consumer it is desirable to become an active user: a conscious individual who chooses based on what he really wants and needs.

This article is therefore really aimed at everyone.

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The role of social media in the evolution of advertising

Let's start right away social media that have become widely used means and which have opened new frontiers for advertising. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media allow companies to interact with consumers through a direct, personalized, interactive and therefore more engaging form of advertising.

These channels also introduced the concept of viral advertising, where successful content spreads quickly among users. This approach pays off economical for companies, both financially and at work, spread your content because on the one hand the algorithms they propose them to users automatically, on the other hand because users themselves share with other users.

The statistics for 2023

Let's see how much social media has actually been used in our country over the past year. According to data from Digital 2023 by DataReportal:

  • YouTube: 43,90 million users in Italy at the beginning of 2023, with an advertising penetration equivalent to 74,5% of the total population.
  • Facebook: 47,4% of the total population, with 52,9% of the “eligible” population (age ≥13 years).
  • Instagram: 26,20 million users, equivalent to 44,4% of the total population,
  • TikTok: reached 17,15 million adult users, with an advertising penetration of 34,3% among adults.

The role of technology and data in the evolution of advertising

As mentioned at the beginning the new technologies, especially in reference to data analysis and processing, have a crucial role in the evolution of advertising. This concerns the means of communication and their personalization.

We saw it in the previous article relating to marketing design how much theartificial intelligence and machine learning, play a key role inautomation and in 'optimization of advertising campaigns and its strategies. With their very fast predictive and analytical capacity these technologies provide immediate statistics even in real time and allow you to automate insertion processes.

Another slightly less widespread technology is the blockchain. This presents itself as a tool transparency and security to address one of the main problems linked to the enormous amount of data available (another problem that we will see shortly). Let's talk about privacy and advertising fraud. This approach not only protects consumer data but also strengthens trust between brands and the public.

The challenges of advertising

Now that we have outlined an overview of the elements which together lead to a constant evolution of advertising, let's see what the current challenges are:

  • Information overload: users are bombarded with advertising messages. Standing out and capturing attention becomes difficult and risks fueling this overload.
  • Privacy and data management: if on the one hand it is easier to analyze and process data, on the other hand people on average are more aware and attentive therefore more and more restrictions are being developed that impose restrictions relating to acquisition and uses.
  • Rapid evolution of platforms: you have to continually study, stay updated and in contact with people, then fine-tune advertising strategies adaptable during construction.
  • Measuring effect and ROI: if on the one hand there are more means to advertise and it is possible to acquire and process more data, on the other it is more complicated to measure the effect of advertising and the return on investment as everything is more fragmented.
  • Confidence: it's full of fake news, there is a growing fear of AI and a general distrust of the media. Let's face it: we are in full post-truth…so making yourself believed becomes increasingly complex.

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How does advertising adapt to these challenges?

Il information overload  requires the creation of relevant and personalized content, which is done by intelligently using data, finding useful and creative connections and interacting directly with users.

As regards the problems related to privacy they can request and obtain consensus through ethical and transparent practices.

Having addressed these two dynamics, which are the most comprehensive ones, we can then move on to one study of the data obtained and cross them with the continuous relationship with users and with the study of platforms and their communication.

So, hand in hand, it becomes relatively simpler measure the effect of the advertising campaign and measure the return on investment.

In the end therefore you will have a more reliable overview of what users like and what they trust.

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