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Evolution of logos in Italy

From the coats of arms of noble families to mercantile symbols up to the Campari logo, passing through the design evolution of which Bruno Munari is a representative, we briefly retrace the history of logos in Italy. From these insights into imagination and knowledge, we better understand the importance and functional value of logos.
March 21 2024

The logos, with the visual impact on their side, they convey meanings, refer to ideas and specific imagery immediately and easily without using words. They have always allowed tribes, cults, families, institutions, groups, nations and associations to be recognized immediately, with all that this entails.

Today, and in our digital context, we mainly associate logos with a design work aimed at characterizing a brand. Let this be as a declaration of yours identity, both as a tool to increase its notoriety.

In Italy there is a rich tradition of design, with roots in artistic and cultural history, which has developed in the world of commerce, corporations, municipalities, obviously leading to the world of fashion for example and other brands as we know them today.

Today we retrace, in this tasty informative pill, the crucial points of the evolution of logos in our country.

From coats of arms to Campari

As we have just mentioned, the first logos most similar to those of today had practically identical purposes, at least on a superficial level: merchant identification, personal seals, coats of arms of noble families and distinctive symbols for workshops and artisan products.

The turning point there was a real meaning of the logos during the twentieth century. For example companies like Campari they already had logos that also communicated values ​​that went beyond the product and the company. Campari, for example, what can it be associated with?

Obviously the aperitif: and what is the aperitif associated with? In free time, certainly, after work, in meetings with friends, in the opportunity to get together to have fun, to exchange ideas, but also to meet possible sexual and sentimental partners. It's so therefore that a simple logo which should only indicate an alcoholic product it becomes the symbol of pleasant expectations and hopes or it is also associated with memories.

Campari logos black writing on white background

So what will I choose to drink the next time I go for an aperitif? What will most people around me probably choose? Think of being in a bar with the logo clearly visible, of having seen advertisements where moments similar to those you have experienced (or would like to experience) in contact with that product are represented. Will you choose Campari or another product of the same type, which perhaps could also be qualitatively better or we might like it more subjectively? The answer, at least at first glance, is quite obvious.

This is an example like many others ofimportance of design in branding, of which the logos are the emblem.

The evolution of Bruno Munari

In the 50s and 60s, Italy was an epicenter of modern design. Bruno Munari is one of the most important names in this context. Designers like him have revolutionized the concept of the logo, combining art and commercial functionality aimed atidentification of a brand and its memorability.

During this period, Italian companies such as Olivetti and Pirelli adopted logos that reflected aminimalist and functional aesthetics, symbol of innovation and quality. This era marks a turning point, where the logo design is starting to be recognized as a key element in branding strategy.

Design Marketing in the digital age

With the advent of digital, the approach to logo design has undergone a further evolution. Thus was born Marketing Design intended as design-based actions and knowledge to advertise and brand through design across multiple media and from multiple points of view, from the look and feel of a site to UI and UX right down to logos.

The necessity of adapt to various devices and digital formats has led to an accentuated simplicity and versatility. Dynamic and modular logos, capable of maintaining coherence and recognizability on screens of different sizes, have begun to prevail.

Furthermore, digitalisation has expanded creative possibilities, integrating animations and interactivity.

Current trends in logo design in Italy

In their conception they bond even more to philosophies of immediacy and recognisability. This is possible from a sociological point of view thanks to greater amount of data that can be drawn on, related to new systems to analyze and process them more easily and accurately. In this sense i social, both in approach and technically, have opened the door wide. Furthermore, to learn more about the human reactions to shapes and symbols, they are becoming more and more in-depth neuroscience, semiotics and study of colors.

Generally speaking, the most heartfelt themes are the environmental and productive sustainability, clarity, participation and personalisation. These themes, in as many variations as possible, are transformed into the logos we see around and become the basis for rebranding works.

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