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Digitalisation: revolutionize your SME

Digitalization can revolutionize some aspects of your SME. Find out what can be right for you starting from the base, that is, from the three pillars of digitalisation: websites, e-commerce and management software.
June 27 2024

Digitalization can mean everything and nothing. In fact there are different approaches, different tools... but above all there is you, with your unique business. Every SME has its own context, her need specifics, his dynamics, her challenges and its margins of improvement.

For this reason think about Totally embracing digitalization can be as reductive as ignoring it.

For example, you may need to digitize logistics but a social channel may not be of any use to you. At the same time, you may think that you don't need a website or e-commerce because in your perception everything has always worked well anyway. But maybe even a simple one would be enough landing page to find yours new customers more dedicated, who today ignore your existence simply because they found someone else on Google.

So how do you understand when it is necessary, for your specific needs, to embrace digitalisation or not?

There is no single answer to this question... but we, in addition to offering you one free advice, we can show you in this article what the main options are digitalization for SMEs and that benefits they could offer you.

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Sites and e-commerce

The pillar of online presence: the website. Whether it has only one or more pages is a detail at this point. In fact, in the context we are talking about now, it is enough to know that a optimized website è the key to being found from those who are looking for both what you offer and the way you offer it.

Yes, because on the one hand the website is made to be found on search engines. The work done by us to intercept organic traffic is called SEO, but your site can also be sponsored with SEA campaigns, for example by making yourself advertising on Google.

On the other hand, the site has some graphic contents, writings e audiovisual that inform users about your identity and on your offer. The important thing here is that this information passes through a language which, in addition to characterizing you, connotes you. In other words, not only through a site can you make yourself known for who you are, but also for how you do things.

A similar discussion can be made forE-commerce. We are talking about one of the most widespread and successful examples of digitalisation: a virtual showcase, which supports the increasingly widespread search for convenience by users. You just need to know that theB2C Observatory (find out what a B2C e-commerce) of the Polytechnic of Milan found that in 2023 e-commerce purchases in Italy reached a total value of approximately 53 billion euros. And this year the trend is confirming itself. Even more important is that 40% of people who buy in physical stores first find out online.

Digitalization of processes: discover management software

I management software they are among the most indicative tools of corporate digitalisation. In fact, they are essential to optimize the management of activities in SMEs. These programs allow you to automate various processes, from accounting to human resources management, improving operational efficiency and reducing manual errors.

Using management software allows you to have a clear and integrated vision of company activities, facilitating the making of informed decisions. These tools offer advanced features such as real-time inventory management, detailed reporting and integration with other digital tools, contributing to more agile and effective business management.

Do you want to revolutionize your SME? Discover now the management software of Kilobit!

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