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How to search for jobs online on Dribbble

Digital nomads today you will discover Dribbble: a specific platform for those who deal with graphics, design, animation, UX, UI... and other fields of work that you will partly see in this article, partly you will see by exploring the site through the simple search filter system.
December 28 2023

Dribbble stands out as an innovative and dynamic platform, specifically designed for creatives and design professionals.

This unique website is not only a showcase for showcasing your digital designer portfolio, but also a hub for research job opportunities, of collaborations, to expand your network and your education.

Dribbble homepage
Credit: Dribbble

Whether you are a professional looking for new projects or a looking for full-time opportunity, Dribbble proves to be an invaluable and very specific resource. The platform is therefore particularly appreciated for its ability to connecting talented designers with leading companies, making it a point of reference both for those looking for work but also for those offering job opportunities in the macro sector of design, in all its facets.

Therefore, digital nomads: if you care about graphics, animation, UX, UI and everything that revolves around them, continue reading this article. You are about to find out how this platform works specification, the fields of interest and all its functions.

How Dribbble works and who it is aimed at

So we said that Dribbble is design specific and is aimed at two categories of users: freelancers and companies or individuals looking for creative talents to hire. There platform structure is designed to facilitate the connection between these two parts, with specific features which suit both those offering and those looking for work. Plus it also offers training programs.

For freelancers, Dribbble mainly acts as a showcase to display your portfolio. Creatives can therefore upload examples of their work, share ongoing projects and interact with the community. This exposure allows them to attract the attention of potential clients or employers.

For employers, Dribbble is a direct and simple to use search engine. This simplicity significantly improves the interactions between the two parties, promoting a fluid, agile, clear and peaceful working environment.

Job opportunities are around the corner, offered through a noticeboard displaying both full-time and project-based offers. Of course it's a lot suitable for digital nomads like you, as the vast majority of job offers are remotely.

Search for professions and jobs on Dribble

Dribbble It has a excellent search and filter system. Users can search for specific designers or job opportunities by filtering by skills, experience, geographic location and more. This makes the search more targeted and effective. Here we offer you a screen, where you can already preview how it looks. We recommend you go and explore it.

Dribbble search filters
Credit: Dribbble

Job fields available

Before you go exploring on your own, get inspired by some of the job fields on the platform we've identified:

  • Brand Identity Design
  • Marketing & Advertising Design
  • Packaging Design
  • Web & User Interface Design
  • Print & Publication Design
  • Lettering & Type Design
  • Graphic Illustration
  • Data Visualization & Infographic Design
  • UX Engineer
  • 2D Video Animator
  • Designer for SaaS Website Redesign
  • User Experience Designer
  • Marketing Designer
  • Graphic/Product Designer
  • Pitch Deck Designer
  • Mobile Designer

Have we inspired you? And these aren't all of them... to avoid a long list, we'll stop here for now. Don't worry because you can easily go and see these and other fields of work. Let's continue talking about payments and educational resources.

How do payments work on Dribbble?

I Payment details vary depending on whether it is a freelance or full-time job. For freelance projects, Dribbble acts as an intermediary which facilitates the transaction, ensuring security for both freelancers and clients.

Educational resources

In conclusion, Dribbble it is not just a job search platform, but It also offers educational resources for its users. These include interactive workshops, webinars, and courses, often in collaboration with renowned design institutes.

educational resources on Dribbble
Credit: Dribbble

These resources are ideal for designers who want to improve their skills or stay up to date on the latest trends in design.

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