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SEO and SEA.

Search engine oriented digital marketing. SEO is mainly based on keywords and generates organic traffic: it helps you climb the positions on the result pages. The SEA envisages practices such as pay per click and other advertising methods.

infographic article google trends

How to use Google Trends

Google Trends is a really easy tool to use. Although it has several limitations, if used with knowledge it can be very useful, especially when used together with other resources. Find out in this article what to consider and how to optimize use.

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infographic article how to use google analytics

How to use Google Analytics

Knowing how to use Google Analytics is essential to see a series of data that will help you understand how your site is doing from different points of view. If you know how to set the functions you need, read and interpret the data, you will be able to make useful choices to improve the site technically, communicatively, graphically, and your advertising campaigns.

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infographic article visibility on google maps

Increase visibility on Google Maps and make the most of it

In this article, discover the best practices to increase your visibility on Google Maps and above all use it to your advantage. In fact, as Uncle Ben told Peter Parker: “With great power comes great responsibility”. The more visible you are, the more precise and consistent you need to be. In this article you will find everything you need.

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infographic article how to increase visibility on google

How to increase your visibility on Google

Increasing your visibility on Google is essential for any business that operates on the web. To do this, there are various practices to follow starting from the structure of the site and its contents up to the migration to the https protocol, passing through social media and link building. Expand your knowledge base with us.

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google algorithm article infographic

Google algorithm in 2023

Here are the basics for understanding how the Google algorithm works and how it evolves over time. Find out everything you need to know to optimize your online presence, to index and understand how to offer users quality content.

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pc with megaphone to advertise on google

How to advertise on Google

Find out how sponsoring yourself on one of the world's major search engines works with the budget you decide, appearing on the first pages of search results and how to enter your business on Maps.

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SEO link building

Link Building in an SEO campaign

Scale the SERP by building a consistent structure of internal and external links to your site. In link building, SEO techniques meet the ability to do public relations, exchanges and to understand who might be willing and how.

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SEO article writing infographics

SEO writing: how to get found

Index and optimize content to increase visibility, credibility, inform users and convert them into satisfied customers. Establish and spread your language with articles, website content and keywords.

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