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Advertising in digital marketing studied in all ways. In this section you will see advertising strategies interface with psychology and the human brain. You will discover the most modern conceptions of persuasion and consumption, always with an ethical and critical perspective.

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Measure whether an advertisement is effective

Measuring whether an advertisement is effective is a real challenge. Find out how to deal with it by reading our specialized article. You will know the tools you can use to put together the pieces of a holistic and exhaustive analysis. Learn the methods to understand how and how much to invest, what to see and above all how to see it.

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Effective advertising strategies to inspire trust and loyalty

Effective advertising strategies focused on authenticity, personalization and storytelling can consolidate customer trust and loyalty. With examples such as Patagonia, Dove and Lush Cosmetics, discover how the concept of aesthetics linked to social media changes and how to measure the impact of your campaigns.

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Psychology of advertising

Explore the psychology of advertising in our article. Discover how techniques such as repetition, emotional appeal and storytelling shape consumer decisions, with a technical, ethical and critical eye.

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