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Online shops within the reach of multinationals, small and medium-sized enterprises and individuals who decide to start an independent business. E-commerce is a commercial evolution that has given way to new business models and new applications of marketing techniques. The advantages of ecommerce are different but the most significant is certainly that you can start without having an office and a warehouse.

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Subscription: a model that opens up to customization

Providing subscriptions through an ecommerce subscription opens up a business model that on the one hand ensures regular revenue, on the other hand approaches in several measures to the knowledge of the customer experience. From this knowledge it is possible to develop innovative and customized solutions.

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Wholesale: from classic to digital

Classic wholesale is a business that has always interested producers exclusively. With digitization the possibilities have expanded to other figures. Find out how to start a digital wholesale business, what opportunities it offers and how to make it work.

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B2A ecommerce: actors and examples

In this broad and varied business model, companies and public administrations come into contact. The sectors touched are many, some of which concern innovation and can really make a difference. Discover the opportunities of B2A ecommerce in this article.

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C2C ecommerce: the guide to get started

Find out how C2C ecommerce works. Let yourself be inspired by the examples to choose the platforms to lean on. Take advantage of the benefits to trade used items, to start a business from your hobby or to look for new job opportunities.

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Have a B2C ecommerce in 2023

To maintain an effective and competitive B2C ecommerce in 2023, you need to know the approaches and solutions that are used today to optimize processes and achieve a business model focused on deep knowledge of customers and their preferences.

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B2B ecommerce: how it works and why it's convenient

Opening a B2B ecommerce is a crucial step to ride digitization and optimize sales and purchase processes between suppliers, producers, resellers and distributors. The main advantage? Efficiency that declines in growth. Find out how it works and why it's worth it.

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How to open an e-commerce

Due to their variety, comfort and convenience, online stores are now the preferred choice of a huge number of people. Find out here how to start an e-commerce, the types, business models, costs and conditions.

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