Whitelabel: affiliations and branding

Whitelabel means "white label". Businesses or individuals affiliate with whitelabeling companies that provide customizable products and services. Affiliates therefore, without relying on a production chain, put their signature on the products, sponsor them and sell them.
June 9 2023

Il whitelabeling consists in marketing as own products and services provided by third parties. On the one hand, therefore, there are those who offer customizable products or the basis of a service, which are defined whitelabel products and services. On the other hand, there are those who personalize them and put their signature on them, sponsor them in their name and resell them by applying their own logo.

Here then is what to do for those who produce affiliations in white label can be a good business, because the target is highly specific and there are few limits. In fact, for example, a single T-shirt manufacturer can sell without problems to different brands that compete with each other.

whitelabel white t-shirtFor those who personalize and resell, on the other hand, the opportunity is to develop a brand and expand it without having a production chain.

Do whitelabeling therefore it allows companies and agencies to increase and improve the offer in line with their brand, saving on costs, resources and efforts invested in the production and creation of sales platforms.

This concept also applies to private individuals who do business.

But now, in addition to the concepts, let's see what the affiliations in white label, examples of whitelabel products and services, why do and not whitelabeling.

What is a whitelabel affiliation?

A company of whitelabeling provides a customizable, unbranded product through affiliation. Affiliates can be companies that want to expand their offer or individuals who want to do business at the lowest possible cost. They customize the product, make it their own, sponsor it and sell it. To do this, the whitelabeling companies they usually provide platforms to create customizable websites, apps or interfaces.

So the affiliate has the structure to sell, has access to management systems, ecommerce, tracking and reporting tools, assistance…

How do you pay the whitelabeling company?

In the case of affiliation, you can share revenues by establishing a percentage of sales or you can pay a fixed amount or based on sales. Otherwise you can pay the license through an agreed sum or periodic royalty. Or, simply, thewhitelabeling company sells wholesale.

Examples of whitelabel products and services

We are talking about any customizable physical and digital product and service sold wholesale. These are the most frequent examples:

  • Management software
  • App
  • Web design services
  • Hosting
  • Consumer products such as food and cosmetics
  • Ebook
  • Online courses
  • Sport equipment
  • Apparel
  • drugs

Then there are examples of white label even more specific. daisycon is an affiliate network that offers services for the creation of price and offer comparison websites. While Belboon offers the ability to create cashback, coupon and discount sites.

Some whitelabeling companies they also offer messaging apps, apps for booking flights, hotels, car rentals or travel experiences.

whitelabel white plane

Why not white label

You base your brand identity, therefore your recognition on the specific quality of your product, which your customers demand. Your customizations do not want boundaries set by the very nature of whitelabel products and services that are offered to you.

You have the means to produce what you need and what is convenient for you to sell.

In this situation do whitelabeling it would take your time to find the right supply and manage it.

Why whitelabel

Are you a company that already has a brand identity defined, his notoriety, its customers, and who wants to diversify and broaden its offer by also including what it would be better to sell but which it does not produce.

You are an employee who wants to start his own business, try to sell thanks to the knowledge gained in the sector and have the freedom to communicate in his own way, thus creating a brand. You've dreamed of a logo to put on a shirt, you've designed it, you've imagined the commercials, you think it could work, but you don't have the means to start.

These are all good reasons to start doing whitelabeling.

In any case, we of kilobit we can both offer you the basis for selling and all the advice and services to develop your brand.

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