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Digital Warehousing in 2023

Do you know what digital warehousing is? The concept of warehouse is always involved, but in this case it is extended to company data. The collection, storage and intelligent management of this data becomes the basis for deciding and applying effective marketing strategies.
May 26, 2023

Il warehousing, a concept originally associated with the physical and logistical management of goods, has also found a relevant application in the digital context. In the online world, the warehousing refers to the collection, organization and management of data in order to optimize business activities. Over the years, the warehousing has undergone a significant evolution, adapting to the needs and dynamics of the web.

In this brief analysis, we will explore the specific functioning of the warehousing digital by updating it. Then we will see its applications today in Europe and Italy, as well as the advantages, disadvantages and future prospects of this ever-evolving practice.

How digital warehousing works

Il warehousing digital works through a series of processes involving the collection, organization and management of business data. The following are the main steps that characterize its operation:

  • Data collection: the process begins with the collection of data from various internal and external sources of the company. This data can include customer information, transactions, sales, social media interactions, production data, and more. Data is acquired through monitoring systems, business applications, IoT devices, websites and other relevant sources.
  • Data Extraction and Transformation (ETL)Once collected, the data undergoes an extract, transform, and load (ETL) process. During this phase, the raw data is processed and transformed into a form suitable for storage in the data warehouse. Different operations are applied, such as cleaning data, deleting duplicates, normalizing formats and creating relationships between data.
  • Creation of the data warehouse: The transformed data is then stored in the data warehouse. The data warehouse is a centralized storage system that allows structured organization and access to data. Typically, the data warehouse is designed to support business analytics and contains a wealth of historical and current information.
  • Data queries and analysis: Once the data is in the data warehouse, it can be queried and analyzed. Authorized users, such as business analysts or executives, can run complex queries to obtain specific information. These queries can involve data processing, filtering, aggregation and the application of analytic functions to obtain detailed insights.
  • Generation of reports and visualizations: warehousing digital allows for the creation of custom reports and data visualizations. These reports can include charts, tables, dashboards, and other visual representations that make information easier to understand and interpret.
  • Maintenance and update: The data warehouse requires constant maintenance and updating to ensure data integrity and efficiency. This can include managing changes in data sources, optimizing performance, and adding new data or metrics.

Overall, the warehousing digital provides a structured and centralized way to manage and analyze business data.

Through this processes companies can have the material to be integrated into market analysis, essential for understanding a sector, operating adequately within it, and creating a relevant space for oneself.

Who does warehousing in Europe and Italy?

Il warehousing digital is applied in a wide range of sectors and organizations in Europe and Italy.

Large companies, such as those in the retail, financial and telecommunications sectors, exploit the warehousing to analyze customer data, monitor sales, improve the customer experience and optimize operations. SMEs are also increasingly adopting the warehousing digital to get a complete view of your business and make decisions based on concrete data.

In Europe, a variety of actors apply warehousing, especially large logistics companies, third-party logistics (3PL) service providers, e-commerce companies and manufacturing companies. Some examples of companies are DHL, DB Schenker and Amazon.

In Italy there are Geodis, Fiege and GLS Italy.

These are just a few examples of companies that carry out warehousing activities in Europe and in Italy. In fact, the logistics sector is very diversified and, as we have seen, it is not the only field of application.

Advantages, disadvantages and future prospects

Il warehousing digital offers several advantages, including better management of company data, easier access to information, more in-depth analysis and greater timeliness in decision making.

However, it also presents some challenges, such as data protection and managing technical complexities.

The future prospects of warehousing digital are promising, with technological evolution that could lead to more advanced solutions, such as the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning to automate and optimize the process of warehousing.

However it is unlikely that the warehousing digital is completely replaced by other practices, as it remains a key element for managing corporate data and supporting strategic decisions.

Rather, it is likely that the warehousing continues to evolve to adapt to the ever-changing needs of digital businesses, offering ever more functionality and analytic capabilities to support business success in the ever-changing digital environment.

Why do warehousing?

As we have just seen, digital warehousing broadens the concept of warehouse from which it originates. We have certainly linked it to logistics but, we repeat, it is by no means the only field of application. On the contrary.

Having a digital archive of data is in fact the basis for developing marketing strategies, for managing internal resources and for optimizing the processes of a physical company as well as of a ecommerce.

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