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SEO writing: how to get found

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April 22 2022

Search engine algorithms favor content written according to the techniques and tricks of the SEO writing, Also called SEO copywriting. It's important to get on the front page. And it doesn't happen by accident.

The contents in the first positions are essentially the only ones that users visit to answer their questions. In fact, if the article is written clearly and satisfactorily answers the questions, the user will stop looking elsewhere.

If the user through internal links he can move on to other relevant content he will explore your site, he will get to know it better and if he likes it he will continue to visit it in the future. This mechanism brings traffic and helps to further increase visibility.

And finally, the ultimate goal (but not always the only one) leads to selling.

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La SEO writing is the basis of the strategies of web marketing, and contributes to the following results:

  • visibility,
  • traffic,
  • foundation of a recognizable language,
  • Than we a defined brand identity e credible,
  • entertained, involved and informed users,
  • conversion of identification in clients fond.

The focus of this article is on SEO writing for articles, but the basic concepts also apply to the written content of a landing page or a post on social media.

What is done in practice

First you look for the keywords and are analyzed through platforms that provide a series of data. For example, we use Ahrefs e Google Trends combined.

You can see how searched your keywords are (volume) and traffic which potentially can be generated if you use those keywords in your content. Then how difficult is it to place on the first page.

Thus are found the related topics, le recurring questions and you can too analyze the competition.

Cross-referencing the data then you can proceed to the drafting of the article. We will use the keyword in text, in titles, they will treat the related topics and we will try to answer in a clear and exhaustive way recurring questions. As we mentioned at the beginning, they can be added internal links to drive traffic to the rest of the site, images and if necessary external links to add value to the article and deepen the topic, provided they are authoritative sources.

The most common tool to help you is the plugin Yoast SEO for WordPress.

Slug and Meta description SEO writing

Once the content has been written, it is SEO optimized slug e meta description.

As you can see in the image on the left, it is a matter of compiling the preview that you find on the search engine result page.

Slug that's what's written next to the domain In other words, it is that part of the URL that precisely points to the page on website and defines its content.

La meta description provides a summary.

Slug e meta description containing the keyword they also serve to index, then trying to get on the front page.

In addition to these parameters, it is also very useful to insert images and optimize them. To optimize them, you need to fill in the image's title and alt attribute. The title is the title with which you save the file. It should be written like the slug, with dashes between one word and another. The alt attribute instead explains the content of the image. Both in the title and in the alt attribute the keyword should be inserted in a natural way. For this to be the case, it is important that the images you choose are consistent with what you are dealing with.

SEO writing quality

The quality of the written content what do you propose, in the eyes ofuser reflects the quality of yours services and yours reliability. Therefore the SEO copywriting, in addition to having to be "liked" by search engines, it must be addressed to the people who read.

Consider also that the algorithms of Search engines are getting smarter today. Until about ten years ago it was enough to repeatedly write the keywords to place. Today, however, the technical rules are more and more in tune with human use.

robot hand approves SEO writing

On average, people are more used to recognizing content written by someone who knows the topic (not from a bot or from an improvised) and who, in addition to wanting to be placed on the front page, wants the content to enrich.

This is advantageous from all points of view.

Know that it's counterproductive create and publish a content which does not add any concrete value, because almost certainly search engine algorithms penalize it and therefore they don't even place it on the front page.

If ever it were to be placed, it would be counterproductive all the more so because many users would see poor quality content that seriously undermines the credibility of the site on which it is published.

It takes time, study and work to create aauthoritative image but it takes very little to bring it down.

Main parameters for good SEO copywriting

  • Relevance: Does what you write really have to do with the searches you intercept? Respect the time and intelligence of the people who read you by proposing direct answers to what they have been looking for. Relevance pays off both immediately and in the long run.
  • Clarity: being clear in language and structure promotes reading and understanding of the topic. If you promote a service, you encourage use and avoid misunderstandings that compromise the relationship with your customers and waste time and resources.
  • The right length: content that is too short risks not being exhaustive and one that is too long discourages reading. Depending on the topic, the right size must be found. For the topic we're discussing, it's okay to stay around 1.000 words.
  • Originality and concrete value: with the vast amount of information available it is almost impossible to write about something that has never been discussed. This does not mean that you can copy everything out there. Search engines often detect copyists and penalize them, and there is software out there to discover copied content. Furthermore, a shrewd user searches from multiple sources and, seeing the history of publications, realizes who copied whom. The key is to use the language that belongs to the brand, use a personal style and process the information by bringing your own direct experience.
  • Targeting: knowing who you're talking to affects the language and all the parameters you've just read.

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