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Inclusive Design: bases and tools

We know that a respectable design work must be simple but effective. Therefore usable, understandable, engaging, which guides the user to become interested and carry out the action we wish to encourage. But what if our target is also people with physical, sensory and cognitive disabilities? How do we orient ourselves? Here you will find the tools to do so.
March 6 2024

First of all, we can say that from a certain point of view design is inclusive by definition.

Indeed the result of design work linked to the promotion or creation of a website or e-commerce, is to track the signals and create the elements of ainteractive experience:

  • understandable by as many people as possible,
  • therefore easily and clearly explorable and usable,
  • therefore addictive,
  • and finally shareable, in the sense that it accompanies an action such as a convinced purchase o an inscription which we don't regret, to the point that the user recommends the same experience to other people.

Even if specific targets are often targeted, the pure concept of inclusion remains. Consider, for example, a set of people such as “electronics retailers”. It is easy for this target to understand people of different ages, with various values and who come from different social contexts, also cultural.

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For example, if we are suppliers of electronic items, it will be in our interest to propose one sector specific but humanly universal communication.

What if our target was broader and also included people with sensory, physical or cognitive disabilities?

Starting from the pure, functional, and above all apolitical concept of inclusion, let's explore the topic further and see what the useful tools in order to create ainclusive design work, with all the advantages it brings.

The foundations for creating inclusive design

You need to make sure that all users have the same access opportunities to the design experience, to what it represents and therefore to what it means. Some techniques for practicingequity they are the integration of textual alternatives, subtitles e audio descriptions for images. But there are also others, with their uses, which we will see better shortly.

Then you have to practice a certain amount flexibility. Then Web sites, applications and related functionality must be available indiscriminately on desktop with, mobile devices, Multilingual and, already in the design, be compatible with tools such as screen readersadaptive keyboards.

Finally, the usual ones apply golden rules of design. In summary we need to adopt a clear language, facilitate the fruition , comprehension visually through an accurate arrangement of the elements, use font easily readable and work with colors to be universal to avoid cultural differences and problems related to users' eyesight.

Tools to ensure inclusive design

Knowledge and effective use of the following instruments is critical for developers and designers which must guarantee an experience of inclusive design. By using them, digital products and services will also be available to people with disability sensory, physical and, to a certain extent, also cognitive.

  • WCAG extension (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines): provides detailed guidelines for making web content accessible to people with disabilities.
  • Adobe XD: it is one UX/UI prototyping and design tool broad-spectrum offering guidance and plugins focused on inclusive design.
  • Color Oracle: This tool shows designers how their work appears to users with various forms of color blindness.
  • Accessibility checker: Do you want to make sure your site complies with WCAG guidelines? This site allows you to do it.
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Credits: UserWay

Why focus on inclusivity?

we at kilobit, As web agency, we decided to address the topic because it offers aopenness to new possibilities. Regardless of political positions and personal sensitivity, the aim is to assist you in having a functional and quality web presence, or, if you are professionals in the sector, to open new doors for you to collaborate together.

If you need our skills for create an inclusive design experience on your website or e-commerce, or if you want to contact us to establish collaborations, Just write to us or call us.

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