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How to use Google Trends

Google Trends is a really easy tool to use. Although it has several limitations, if used with knowledge it can be very useful, especially when used together with other resources. Find out in this article what to consider and how to optimize use.
October 25, 2023

Google Trends is a free tool from Google that allows you to view and analyze search trends on Google. It allows you to see how a certain term or phrase has been searched for over time, in a certain place or in a certain topic.

It is an easy-to-use resource: you just need to understand what it is for, what its functions are and what it is mainly indicated for. Although it does not provide all the data relating to site traffic, keyword volume and relative ranking difficulty, if used with knowledge Google Trends it can also be a precious ally for SEO. Of course, it refers to searches carried out exclusively on Google and not on other search engines... but it is also true that in Italy 90,7% of users use Google. So, obviously, we are talking about a tool that shows us essentially universal search trends.

So what is Google Trends for?

Let's see in a little more detail what the specific uses of can be Google Trends.

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First of all, it can be used to identify emerging trends and understand what people are looking for most. So it offers data that can be integrated into the scope of market analysis need specific polls. Google Trends therefore it becomes a source of inspiration for a business idea. Additionally, by showing popular trends, it can inspire content creation for a website or for social channels. Therefore it can also be a tool to be integrated into the drafting of editorial plans. Furthermore, by virtue of its main functions, Trends can be used in the journalistic field.

Google Trends in the SEO field

As we mentioned at the beginning, a preferential use of Google Trends obviously it's in theSEO area. In fact, it can be used to find trending topics to use in order to improve the positioning of a website on search engines. Trends in this field it is a rather limited tool compared to other resources such as Ahrefs o Answer The Public. However, it offers interesting panoramas, with the possibility of geolocalization.

How to use it and what its functions are

Use Google Trends it's very easy. Just go on place and type the keyword or question of interest in the search field. You can choose the time period, geography area and macro-topic.

The functions that are offered to you once you have done the search and set the relevant filters are:

  • Graphs: which indicate the trend of searches for the term or phrase of interest over time.
  • Assignments - Dissertation sessions - Attendance : between different terms or phrases.
  • Map: Geographical distribution of searches for a given term or phrase.
  • News: related to the word or question searched for.

Tips for optimizing use

Google Trends data is more accurate if you set a long enough time period. This is important because data can be affected by temporary events, such as news or sporting events. Try setting time frames of 8 months or a year, if not longer, to get a reliable idea of ​​how a trend has evolved over time and whether it is actually considered an interesting trend.

Then compare the results with other sources, especially with what you find on social media. This is because the data of Trends they don't necessarily refer to what goes on social media. Other sources you can compare data with are surveys, news reports, and blogs.

Also try to perform the same searches from mobile and other search engines. This is necessary to have as complete a picture as possible.

Finally, if you're trying to evaluate the effectiveness of a marketing campaign, compare the results of Google Trends with sales or traffic data on the website.

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