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How to get visibility on Youtube

Youtube is different from other social networks. Here, more than in the others, it is very important to respect the complementarity between content value and SEO optimization. If one of these two elements is in short supply, the work done on the other risks being useless if not counterproductive. Learn how to respect both and how to structure your videos.
August 31 2023

Youtube it has been since 2005 that it has established itself as one of the first video sharing social networks. Compared to social like Instagram o TikTok it may look dated, but it has aged far from badly. Indeed, even if vertical shorts have been introduced, it still offers the unprecedented possibility of addressing specific segments of users who prefer longer horizontal videos.

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Furthermore, the substantial difference in the interface with other social networks allows you to focus more on the content, both for those who view and for those who upload. The concept of virality is different here and the paradigms change to gain visibility. In fact, more than in other social networks, in Youtube la SEO is very important.

Let's see how have visibility on Youtube by following these simple steps.

Content reigns

This should always be true, even on other social networks, even when one puts one's creativity aside to ride a wave of the moment. You can try to optimize as much as you like, follow all the guides in the world, but If you don't make content that really interests people, your videos won't get views.

La visibility on Youtube it is achieved primarily by learning to identify your niche and focus on it by creating a whole series of videos that can be useful. So think about creating tutorials, guides, reviews, and do it your way, because that's how people will recognize you.

Then, as always, quality is important, managing the duration of the videos well. But how can this be done?

How to prepare videos for visibility on Youtube

The most effective and secure way to be able to ensure user interest, quality and the right duration of the videos, thus increasing your own visibility on Youtube, is to prepare the videos. We know that it can be taken for granted: even on other social networks, few improvise, but often even those who don't improvise always use a editorial plan. Here it is a question not only of having a plan, but of writing a sort of script.

Create a storyboard outlining each scene or section of the video. Think about what you want to convey to your audience and plan where to include the invitation to subscribe to the channel or see other videos. Some do it at the beginning, some in the middle, some at the end… there isn't a rule for doing it well. Just try.

Then ask yourself what to include in the scene: places, objects, people, sketches… make sure it's all feasible before continuing to prepare. Speaking of this (little tip from those who know film script) make sure they are not essential to convey the message. The message of the video cannot and should never be entrusted to an element. The narrative in its entirety must be the vehicle. Elements are such as the body colour, the look of the interior and the cup holder – they do their part but they are accessories. Without it, the car travels the same: did you get the hint?

Then practice speaking naturally in front of the camera, then try many times.

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And finally, dedicate yourself well to post-production: the screenplay is the first writing, the direction the second, the editing the third. This means that you may shoot much more material than you will actually select for publication, and that part of the original idea in editing may change.

But how do you figure out what to choose and what can be of interest? Study, attempts and results. Try using a method called APP:

  • Agree: identifies user needs.
  • Promise: promise you will satisfy them in the video.
  • Preview: anticipates, during the video, how the user will be able to satisfy his need.

What to do to increase visibility on Youtube and cultivate the community

The visibility of your videos on Youtube it also depends on the calls to action you insert in the videos. These are very often invitations to subscribe to the channel or to see other videos, both your own and others.

One video leads to another.

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In other words, you need to make people from one video get to see the others you've done and the ones you'll do. If out of 500 who watch, only one person subscribes, sees all the videos and interacts with them, that's already a good thing. It's not important up Youtube go viral for a few months with a ballet. Continuity of users is important, and from this point of view, the more content you post that connects with each other, the more you will grow.

Make the call to action a format. Propose it in an original, nice way... it can be a phrase that becomes a refrain that will characterize you.

Beyond calls to action

Then the usual strategies that we have seen for the others apply social:

  • joint use of the platforms (one advertises the other),
  • targeted sponsorships,
  • regular publications,
  • interaction with commenters.

We will never tire of repeating it: this, in many sectors even far from ours, is the era of the personalization of services. Actively listening to requests and satisfying them doesn't mean distorting you but making your life easier.

Collaborate with others

Collaborate with other channels, don't lock yourself in your shell. Have you seen how well podcasts work with multiple youtubers? But not only. Making content projected to collaborate with others and advertise others will come back to you, because others will do the same to you.

SEO optimization to increase visibility on Youtube and the finishing touches

As we anticipated, SEO optimization on Youtube worth more than in other social networks. Articulate your channel and content from this point of view increases the visibility on Youtube from search engines.

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SEO is the sister of content: content is the substance, SEO is the key to being found. They are complementary, because if you only work on SEO without having valid content, you shoot yourself in the foot: you waste time and land the audience in an oblivion of inconsistency, also losing credibility. Conversely, having excellent content and not working on SEO risks making you a desert island: beautiful, but a speck in the ocean.

So remember what we told you about the contents and follow these steps:

  • Make and upload a cover photo for your channel in the right size eaAdd a profile picture.
  • Make some playlist and take advantage of the opportunity to manage sections.
  • Put links to your other channels.
  • Find the right keyword and put it in the title of the video, so you tell Youtube and Google what your video is about.
  • Enter the keyword in the description, along with hashtags.
  • Name the keyword in the video.
  • Enter your tags that link to the topic, so it will be easier to create correlations between videos of the same category.
    Video thumbnail: together with the title, it is the main responsible for increasing the CTR.

If you want to know more about SEO, read on our articles in this category.

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