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How to gain visibility on LinkedIn: 8 simple and practical tips

LinkedIn is the most well-known, useful and focused job search platform there is today. This applies if you want to target a specific area in Italy. Discover with these practical and simple tips how to gain visibility to expand your work network and make the best use of it.
7 September 2023

Strengthen your work network and expand it: have visibility on LinkedIn it means this.

Today there are many different platforms (Upwork, Fiverr… ) where, if you are a freelancer, it is actually possible to achieve the same results but it is more complex. In fact, if you want to find more and more jobs (and/or delegate some of them) from all over the world, the right strategy we propose is to create profiles on all platforms and engage in hunting jointly.

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However, LinkedIn offers unique possibilities. This is because the aforementioned platforms have a major competitiveness problem. Turning to freelancers even from countries where the currency is worth much less than the euro and the dollar, we will find ourselves competing with bargain prices. So our commitment, in those cases, can be paid less than what it is worth in relation to the country in which we live. Therefore, in the large world basin, we will always end up turning to the same employers. Then our strategy will become to find one in a thousand and commit to building a relationship beyond the single commission. Same thing, however, that happens automatically and more easily with LinkedIn.

Get visibility on LinkedIn so it should be our starting point and the platform to focus on the most.

This is why we have prepared this quick handbook of 8 simple and practical tips to get you started right away: what are you waiting for? Keep reading!

1. Create a complete and updated profile

Your LinkedIn profile is your online business card, a bit like a showcase site for a shop, one landing page or portfolio site. It's important that it's complete and up-to-date, so it gives people an accurate idea of ​​your career and goals. Be sure to include all relevant information, such as your education, work experience, skills and goals.

Don't take anything for granted (not even these tips) and try to put yourself in the shoes of anyone who might be reading. While doing this, also use keywords relevant to your industry to improve visibility in search results. Yes: here too SEO it's important.

Finally, review your profile at least once a year to make sure it's complete and up to date.

2. Connect with the right people to gain useful visibility on LinkedIn

Your network of contacts on LinkedIn it is one of its main strengths. Precisely for this reason we have chosen it as the preferential platform to consider when looking for work. Focus on this aspect of precise focus and you will enjoy this advantage.

have visibility on LinkedIn, a functional visibility, seeks to connect with people who work in your industry or a related industry. You can do this by searching for people by name, by company or by title. The more people you know, the more opportunities you will have.

To do this also use relevant hashtags and start by sending link requests to people you know or have met at professional events.

3. Publish high-quality content

LinkedIn it's a great place to share high-quality content, such as articles, posts, videos, and images. When posting content, make sure it's relevant to your industry and is of value to your readers. You have to be focused on this too. There are others social to “let off steam”…

You can also use relevant hashtags here to reach an audience that interests you. High-quality content can help you build credibility. The aesthetic side of the matter, in fact, favors you. In the crowd (unfortunately and fortunately) the dress makes the monk.

the suit makes the monk LinkedIn visibility

There's little to say. You may like it or not but you have to accept it and play around it. Your authenticity beyond the form, you will see that you will have the opportunity to manifest it both in the aesthetic sphere and then by communicating with those you have involved thanks to work on the form.

4. Participate in groups, discussions and webinars to increase visibility on LinkedIn

Earlier we advised you to start by sending requests to people you know. You can continue to do this even after you have exhausted the contacts you have now. We therefore invite you to expand your network of contacts, to come out of your shell, not to stop at your current skills and knowledge.

The groups of LinkedIn they're a great way to interact with people who share your interests. Participate in discussions and share your thoughts and opinions. This can help you build relationships and get to know each other better. The same goes for webinars, which can also broaden your knowledge base.

The result of this commitment is an organic increase in visibility. In this field of work on social media, where much knowledge is made through technical work on visibility, don't forget and underestimate what has always been worth up to now: direct knowledge, made by talking seriously with people.

If we were to tell you about the times we found job opportunities at the pub we would have to write you a separate article...

5. Use LinkedIn features

LinkedIn offers a number of features that can help you improve visibility. For example, you can use the Featured feature to make your content more visible in your connections feed. You can also use sponsorships to reach a wider audience.

But, before doing so, make sure that whoever you involve with sponsorships lands on a complete and interesting profile. For this reason we advise you to invest in sponsored companies, if you want and if necessary, as a last step.

6. Work on your profile picture to improve visibility on LinkedIn

Your profile photo is the first thing people will see, so make sure it's professional and high quality. Choose a photo that shows you professionally and is high resolution. A professional profile photo can help you make a good first impression.

Dress well and choose a neutral background.

We know very well that even our advice is neutral to a certain extent, but that doesn't mean it prevents you from reflecting on it and taking advantage of it. Let's say that doing this is a way to be on the safe side. This does not deny that, with the right amount of knowledge of the public and your all-round image, you can indulge yourself with something more personalized... as long as it's not grainy though!

grainy image with orange dots


7. Use an eye-catching headline and summary

Your headline and summary are two of the most important ways to get your name known on LinkedIn. Make sure they are clear, concise and contain keywords relevant to your industry. Your title should be short and concise, and should summarize your qualifications and objectives. Your summary should be longer and provide more information about your experiences and skills.

In this area we cannot give you the solution on the quality of your language. The tone and identity of the narrative are personal. Basic rules apply, as in social communication and under Photo and video. But, apart from this, the rest is up to the subjectivity of your person and the target.

8. Update your profile regularly to optimize visibility on LinkedIn

LinkedIn It's an ever-evolving social network, so it's important to update your profile regularly. Be sure to include any new work experience, education or skills. An updated profile can help you stay in touch with your connections and establish yourself as a growing professional.

This is the last step (along with any sponsorships) that you will always need to keep in mind.

A profile that immediately feels old gives the feeling of inactivity or of not keeping up with the times.

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