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All about marketing and branding elements applied to social networks. From communication to the study of the target, up to the understanding of the algorithms at the basis of visibility.

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Twitterature: growth or flattening?

Twitter, like all social networks, has lights and shadows: on the one hand it can flatten knowledge, on the other it can broaden it. Today we reflect together on this and more by talking about Twitterature, a project born in 2009 which consists of summarizing the classics of literature in 140 characters.

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How to get visibility on Youtube

Youtube is different from other social networks. Here, more than in others, it is very important to respect the complementarity between content value and SEO optimization. If one of these two elements is lacking, the work done on the other risks being useless if not counterproductive. Learn how to respect both and how to structure your videos.

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Visibility on TikTok: how to increase it immediately

Not used to communication on TikTok but want to address the catchment area present only on this social network? Follow these quick tips to open yourself up to learning more instantaneous communication than usual. Use visibility to sell but also to find out what to offer.

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How to increase visibility on Instagram and use it to the fullest

Visibility is important but it is only a tool to achieve other purposes. You may want to sell products or a service, seek funds and human resources to start a project, publicize your art, find jobs, establish collaborations, launch a social message or provide dissemination. Whatever your goal, starting with best practices increases your visibility on Instagram. Let's see how to favor it.

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Increase visibility on Facebook and optimize it with 3 strategies

After the algorithm changes it has become more difficult for businesses to significantly increase visibility on Facebook. What does "significantly" mean? It means having more and more interested, active and involved users. Many are customers, others help you find them. Rediscover and apply the 3 fundamental strategies to increase visibility but above all optimize it.

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Social editorial plan for companies

Find out how to structure an editorial plan for the creation of content to be published on your company's social profile. Know the elements to take into account, the software to organize your team and the skills involved.

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Written social management with people interacting

Social management: strategies for companies

Land on social networks to make yourself known to new users. Discover the initial strategies to communicate and manage a social profile intelligently, providing consistent and quality content. Inform, entertain, engage and promote.

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Social Communication

Discover our service dedicated to big brands. Bring users closer through satire and irony to get quality interactions on social networks.

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