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infographic article kiilobit ia today

AI today: bases, uses and Italian realities

L’IA oggi è sempre più applicata in Italia, diventando un tema che sconfina in ogni campo e che porta controversie e dubbie. Per provare a fare chiarezza, conosciamo l’IA dalle basi: reti neurali, deep learning, machine learning… Con un occhio al marketing digitale scopriamo gli utilizzi, vediamo chi sviluppa in Italia e cosa serve per sviluppare un’IA.

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infographic article seo twitterature twitter

Twitterature: growth or flattening?

Twitter, like all social networks, has lights and shadows: on the one hand it can flatten knowledge, on the other it can broaden it. Today we reflect together on this and more by talking about Twitterature, a project born in 2009 which consists of summarizing the classics of literature in 140 characters.

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infographic news article Italian quantum computer

Italian quantum computer inaugurated

The first all-Italian quantum computer was recently inaugurated at the Federico II University of Naples. We are talking about an epochal turning point for the growth, in our country, of the sectors of computational chemistry, artificial intelligence and complex optimization.

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infographic article cover machine learning digital marketing

Machine learning for digital marketing

Digital marketing involves the analysis and processing of a lot of data, the creation of content, sites, offers... all with a predictive vision, based on statistics but also on your idea of ​​reality and the connections you are able to create. No tool can replace you, but it can certainly give you a hand.

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infographic article digitization SMEs

Digitalisation: revolutionize your SME

Digitalization can revolutionize some aspects of your SME. Find out what can be right for you starting from the base, that is, from the three pillars of digitalisation: websites, e-commerce and management software.

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OpenAI + Apple article cover

OpenAI + Apple: what to know

The partnership between OpenAI and Apple announced in the first half of June introduces an integration of generative AI into core Apple features such as Siri and writing tools. An evolution of Apple devices, without a doubt, which will make millions of Italian users happy... But what are the implications for privacy?

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infographic article effective advertising the role of feedback

Effective advertisements: the role of feedback

The market has taken an increasingly user-oriented direction, even in various sectors not strictly linked to digital. People's feedback thus becomes even more than before an important parameter to take into consideration in creating effective advertising.

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infographic article design in social media marketing

Design in social media marketing

Doing social media marketing aims to attract attention, engage and convert. In the multifaceted ecosystem of social media, how is it possible to achieve these objectives? Design applications that deal with various visual arts come to our aid. Learn to ask the right questions, mix cognition and perception and discover how big brands of all kinds do it on the main social media.

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infographic article advertising narrative

Advertising narrative: how to build it

Advertising storytelling, like all forms of storytelling, is a question of manner. The way of telling a story has elements within it that determine it. Furthermore, every narrative has structural elements that characterize it. Connotation, characterization, structure, example. In this article you will find out all this.

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infographics article design website

Optimal website design in 7 steps

If you plan the design of your website taking these 7 steps into account, you will have a site that is optimized for search engines, clear, fast and usable. The results? Visits, stay and conversions!

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