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Portfolio site: what it is, how to do it, why it's important

Find out how to tell your profession and showcase your skills through a single site that includes images, videos and sounds. Find out how to make it visible and actionable, so you can grow your business.
April 18 2023

Un portfolio site is a website that collects and presents the work and skills of a professional or an artist. It can be considered as a sort of online curriculum vitae, but with the option of including images, video, audio and other interactive elements that give a more complete and engaging idea of ​​the work done.

Especially for those who work in digital design it is an excellent opportunity to put their skills into practice in order to promote and sponsor themselves, but not only.

Indeed there are several reasons why it can be important to have one portfolio site, whether you are a professional looking for work, an artist who wants to get known or simply a person who wants to show their skills.

Why is it important to have a portfolio site?

First, a portfolio site allows you to present your work in a professional and organized way. You can include information about your skills, work experience and completed projects, along with images and detailed descriptions that showcase your work in a clear and engaging way.

Secondly, a portfolio site can help you make a difference in the job search process. With a portfolio site well-curated and well-structured, you can demonstrate your experience and skills to potential employers more persuasively than can be done with a simple resume. This is because you speak in images and sounds: a much more impactful type of communication than a column of text, especially if you want to communicate to people who analyze professional profiles and offers in large quantities every day.

Furthermore, a portfolio site allows you to reach a wider audience. If you are an artist, for example, you can show your work to a global audience, increasing your visibility and the chances of finding new clients or collaborations.

How to optimize visibility

Speaking of visibility, the usual digital marketing strategies aimed at generating organic or paid traffic apply.

In the first case we talk about SEO, i.e. optimization for search engines, where the aim is to appear among the first results of a search engine.

However, traffic can also be bought directly, and here we are talking about SEA: you publish an advertisement that is featured when someone searches for a topic related to your page and you pay per click.

A similar mechanism can be applied to social networks such as Instagram. The logic of reels, for a large portion of the population, essentially replaces television zapping. Depending on the preferences of the users, your sponsorship can appear to them as they scroll through the reels at any time of day. This approach is definitely more effective for artists, if not for freelancers who aim for collaborations with realities active on social media.

How to make a portfolio site

You don't have to be a web design expert to create a portfolio site effective. There are numerous tools and platforms that allow you to create a website easily and intuitively, without having to write code.

  • Choose a platform: you can use WordPress, Wix, SquareSpace to create a portfolio site personalized, using predefined templates or creating a custom design
  • Choose the domain preferring a unique and easy to remember name. Try to use your name if possible so that the site is easily recognizable as yours. Better if it also includes the sector of your business because it helps you to optimize.
  • Plan the site structure trying to be essential. He reminds us that synthesis does not mean being meager: it is a virtuous principle that allows us to go to the heart of the content effectively.
  • Choose a clean and professional design. Include high-quality images to showcase your designs and work, but also make sure they aren't too large files, as they could slow down the portfolio site. Keep in mind that the design should reflect your personality and personal style… so be careful not to confuse “professional” with “aseptic”!
  • Contents: Create high-quality content for your portfolio site. For example, describe your projects in detail and include images to accompany them. Also include information about yourself, such as your education, work experience, and skills. Don't forget to include information about your contacts so that visitors can reach you easily.

Kilobit Consulting

Kilobit can help you make yours portfolio site from scratch. We can help sponsor you and optimize what you already have. Or, thanks to our partnerships with audio-video professionals, we can provide you with the content you want or support you in producing it.

Contact us to request a free preliminary consultation.

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