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Advertising: culture and trends

From jeans to social media creators, we explore mass culture and consumer trends that originate from and are reflected in advertising.
April 18 2024

Advertising is not just promotion. His language and his images in fact reflect and influence culture of the places where they are transmitted. It also becomes part of the common imagination declining into one form of art mixing the design, semiotics and the neuromarketing.

So let's see exactly that impact can have the dealer on cultural trends and on consumption patterns. People, culture, consumer trends, reworkings, innovations, roots: these are all the ingredients to tackle the topic.

Let's get to the heart of things starting with jeans.

Everyone wears jeans

Advertising campaigns act as mirrors and engines of cultural trends. With their forms of communication they manage to capture the essence of the times. Sometimes, in addition to riding the wave, they are able to generate it. In these cases the power lies in the establish new aesthetic and behavioral standards. From the market this way you get to the houses, the heads, the squares.

A historical example is the diffusion of jeans as a universal garment.

stock of jeans advertising

Basic jeans are work clothes: practical, comfortable and durable. In fact, Levi Strauss sold them to miners during the Gold Rush. Later in the 50s and 60s, through targeted advertisements, were promoted as comfortable pants linked to youth and rebellion. The rest is a story we know well, because we live it every day.

This example fits perfectly to identify a phenomenon that we can describe like this: mass culture is the product of an innovative reworking, through a certain lens, of deep-rooted concepts.

Advertising, mass culture and consumer trends

La dealer therefore from a promotional and informative tool it becomes one rework factory that produce a mass culture. This declines into consumption trends. On the one hand there are the products which must be sold ei brand with theirs identity; on the other there are people who live in certain places contexts grafted into a culture.

Advertising therefore must adopt a language that is familiar to the people of the given context of reference. The aim is to propose a reworking that is desirable, desirable, embraceable. That is how an object takes on meanings other than the material one.

It can even become the trigger for social and cultural changes.

One of the biggest trends that practically every sector is experiencing is the Customization. Thanks to technological innovations it is possible to provide tailor-made services and products developed starting from direct customer feedback. This trend is also expressed in advertising.

Social media as the field of a new form of advertising

I social they have become one of the preferred means with which to pass the time. Sharing content is truly within everyone's reach, as is their vision. It goes without saying that social media is therefore the field of new re-elaborations that they are producing mass culture and consequent consumer trends. This concept, linked to customization, is expressed in one new form of advertising created by individuals.

In fact, the use of ordinary people by brands is increasingly frequent. These, through spontaneous videos (which don't look like advertisements) especially on Instagram, Facebook e TikTok, share their experience with a product and service.

collage of people of all ethnicities in boxes of different colors advertising

The merit of this trend? Maybe it's an indication of a possibility saturation of the usual forms of communication. Perhaps people connect less and less with traditional advertising, preferring a new approach with which they can better identify.

This trend does not necessarily take hold in a dominant way. Maybe it could just be a signal, which can lead to other forms. Maybe it's a bubble that will burst, leaving even more ground for what has always been there. Or, perhaps again, it could be a revolution.

We can't do anything but stay connected with a critical eye, create, and watch.

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