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OpenAI + Apple: what to know

The partnership between OpenAI and Apple announced in the first half of June introduces an integration of generative AI into core Apple features such as Siri and writing tools. An evolution of Apple devices, without a doubt, which will make millions of Italian users happy... But what are the implications for privacy?
June 25 2024

Apple and OpenAI have announced a partnership important, revealed during the Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) 2024. The collaboration essentially consists ofintegration of ChatGPT into Apple operating systems, including iOS, iPadOS, and macOS. So Apple users will be able to use the ChatGPT functions in a direct way in Apple applications.

News therefore which has various functional implications, including a revolution in the use of Apple devices: but what are the implications in terms of data use? What should we expect?

First let's see what the highlights of this partnership are. We will answer these questions later.

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Credits: OpenAI

Highlights of the partnership between OpenAI and Apple

First of all, they present themselves advanced Siri features. Apple's virtual assistant then will use ChatGPT to provide more natural and contextually relevant responses. For example, users will be able to ask Siri to generate content, answer questions and perform tasks that require deeper and more interactive understanding.

THEartificial intelligence OpenAI's flagship yet will be integrated into Apple's writing tools. Thanks to this implementation, users will be able to generate and edit content. This also applies to DALL-E, which is OpenAI's image generator.

Finally Apple introduced “Apple Intelligence“, which improves the photo and video search capabilities. This feature allows the creation of “memories” by creating narratives from users' photos and videos.

This feature also integrates with Siri, further improving their understanding and processing capabilities.

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Credits: Apple

And what about privacy?

In Italy approximately 31,47% of smartphone users use Apple devices. Let's talk about more than 16 million people. A huge amount of personal and non-personal data that could be used for market surveys for purposes Advertising and to train AI. Hence the need to clearly understand what the implications from a privacy point of view and then find the conditions set by Apple, OpenAI and what regulations they must comply with.

Critical issues could include data collection and use without explicit consent, the exposure of sensitive personal data due to inadequate cyber protection, and the possibility of detrimental biases in AI models.

According to what Apple and OpenAI declared, user requests to ChatGPT are not stored and IP addresses are obscured. Users can then choose to link their ChatGPT accounts to access personalized features while maintaining their data preferences.

To find everything about it, we link to the privacy policies of Apple , OpenAI and official regulations provided for by the GDPR.

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