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How to look for work online on Fiverr

We return with our review of online work with Fiverr: another platform spread throughout the world that allows digital freelancers to broaden their horizons and clients to find short commissions as well as find collaborators.
November 23, 2023

Fiverr it is a digital marketplace that connects freelancers with customers from all over the world. The name Fiverr comes from the $5 base price for many services initially offered on platform,. Naturally the prices are very different from this now symbolic parameter.

We are talking about another of the platforms for look for work online more widespread, reliable and potentially profitable. In fact, let's remember again that the strategy that pays the most, especially in the long term, is to use multiple platforms at the same time. In other words, therefore, don't think right from the start that you can throw yourself exclusively onto a single platform. You need to try multiple ways at the same time: plant as many seeds as you can.

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Subsequently, depending on how it goes, you can settle on just one platform or use only a few alternatively. In any case, however, especially if you are digital nomads, having a constant recirculation of jobs (if managed in a healthy way) will guarantee you more stability and, if you want, even a bit of fun and opportunities for growth.

Anyone you wish working from home, expand your portfolio, your network of contacts and your skills, you should take a good look at this article. The same goes for those who have a project and wishes to delegate some phases of the work, as well as for companies of all types who want to give short-term commissions.

How Fiverr works and who it is aimed at

Fiverr caters to both freelancers who want to look for work online and to those who want to take on the role of client. Specifically, you can find and delegate work in these fields (and beyond):

  • Graphs e Designer: for logo design, social media graphics, illustrations, UI/UX design…
  • Web developers e Software: for website development, mobile apps, customized software, e-commerce…
  • Writers and Editors: for content writing, copywriting, article writing, blog post creation, proofreading and editing services.
  • Digital Marketers: specialize in SEO, marketing on social media, email marketing, online advertising and digital marketing strategies.
  • Translators: for translation services into various languages ​​and content localization.
  • Videomakers and Animators: for creating video lesson explanations, animations, video editing, and post-production.
  • Specialists in Audio and Music: such as composers, music producers, voice-over services, and sound engineers.
  • IT and Data professionals: for IT support services, data analysis, big data, and cybersecurity consultancy.
  • Tutors and Trainers: for private lessons, coaching, and training courses in various fields.

For the freelancers Fiverr offers the possibility to create a Profile and publish”gig“, i.e. announcements of their services, with details on prices and timing. The quote they can be customized, they can be customized establish rates and you can communicate directly with potential clients to clarify project details.

On the other hand, i clients use Fiverr to search and select services, evaluating i profiles of professionals, the portfolio, And the reviews left by other users. Once you have selected a service, the payment it is carried out via the platform, which holds the funds until delivery and acceptance of the work. In a similar way to Upwork, also Fiverr takes a commission, with the difference that the percentage of 20% always remains unchanged.


Even on Fiverr, reviews play a fundamental role for both freelancers and clients. In fact, as in other platforms, Fiverr has a bilateral review system and it's all public. In other words, professionals and customers can leave each other reviews accompanied by a 5-star rating. Reviews and ratings become an integral part of the profiles of both parties.

Professionals and clients can also respond to reviews. This serves to trigger a dialogue capable of opening constructive discussions as well. Theoretically, thanks to this system, the market and the ethics of the platform can adapt to ideas from the active community on the platform.

Tips for excelling on Fiverr

Fiverr it essentially stands out from other platforms due to the importance it has community, For the personalization of gigs  (job advertisements made by professionals) and for a certain emphasis on micro-services. That said, to excel on Fiverr you both need to adopt strategy which are valid for any other online job platform, and more specific measures.

As always, don't take it for granted creating a profile that clearly communicates who you are and what your skills are. Do the same and try to adopt it same communication style for descriptions of gig, in which it is also important to include examples. So less writing, more examples. In the necessary written content that you insert, pay attention to the keyword for search results within the platform.

Specifically, regarding the gig, it is important to monitor the market to see where there is demand and what is being done to fulfill certain needs. In fact, in some fields the same solutions that were valid yesterday do not necessarily apply today.

Then, here too, find a niche of specialization is important so as not to immediately throw yourself into a red and competitive sea.

red sea sunset fiverr

Just because you don't have to go to an office doesn't mean you can always manage things time exactly as you want. Virtual communication and digital nomadism can sometimes deceive and make us feel too comfortable. This is why it is necessary communicate clearly with the client (or with the professional) in order to immediately establish times and times in which you can communicate and so on.

Finally we advise you to try to fly low at the beginning with i prices: little by little one is being built reputation, little by little you can start to demand more. This doesn't mean selling yourself short, but simply understanding that a platform like Fiverr it's a different market than what we may be used to.

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