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The 4 classic sectors where artificial intelligence is applied today and tomorrow

The applications of artificial intelligence in the medical, educational, financial and logistic-productive fields can have practical and ethical implications on the life of each of us. Every digital entrepreneur should know and understand them, in order to understand what are the needs and desires of both those who work there and those who use products and services.
5 September 2023

We resume the our review with ideas and curiosities about the 4 classic sectors where theartificial intelligence, today and tomorrow.

Especially if you are entrepreneurs who operate in digital, even on a small level, knowing the fields of application of the most visible and most promising technology of the moment can give you ideas for direction. It can be inspiring to find the niche to aim for. And, as we well know, the niche has considerable power.

You may already know what you read or you may have already imagined it but it doesn't matter: our invitation is to follow this flow of information and allow the unconscious light bulbs to turn on. Ideas, in fact, have paths that are anything but linear. They are more like puzzles made up of changeable pieces. It's up to us to give them a shape to create a design that indicates something recognizable, relevant, universal and useful.

puzzle pieces to put together where artificial intelligence is applied

Everyone has access to basic information. Few people know how to process them in a neither notional nor didactic way.

Let's start?

AI in the medical health field

THEartificial intelligence it can be applied in the medical healthcare field and has the potential to transform these sectors in many ways, improving patient care, reducing costs and making the system more efficient.

Today it is applied in the diagnostic field, in the personalization of treatments and in remote monitoring.

  • Machine learning models can be used to identify diseases using medical images, such as x-rays, CT scans, and MRIs. For example, a model of artificial intelligence developed by the company Google AI can identify breast cancer with greater than 99% accuracy.
  • THEartificial intelligence can be used to tailor treatments for patients, taking into account their individual characteristics. For example, a model developed by the company IBM it is able to predict the response of patients to anticancer drugs.
  • Using wearable devices, for example, patients can be monitored remotely. A model developed by Apple Lossless Audio CODEC (ALAC), in fact it is able to detect the symptoms of cardiac and respiratory diseases.

In the future, theartificial intelligence it could be used to develop new drugs and treatments, make surgical operations more precise and automate many of the tasks performed by healthcare workers today.

Where artificial intelligence is applied in the financial field

Data, risk management, advice on investment decisions… let's see better the spheres in the financial field where theartificial intelligence:

  •  Processing large amounts of financial data, for example to identify investment opportunities or to assess credit risk.
  • Management of financial risks, for example to reduce the likelihood of financial losses.
  • Advice on which stocks to buy or sell.

In the future, it could be used to develop new tools, automate trading activities and make the financial system more efficient.

Applications of artificial intelligence in the educational sector

THEartificial intelligence it has the potential to transform the education sector by making learning more personalized, engaging and accessible.

  • A system developed by the company knewton is able to create customized learning paths for each student.
  • AI can provide feedback to students, for example by giving them guidance on how to improve their work.
  • Automatic correction of exercises and provision of feedback.

in the future theartificial intelligence, supported and monitored by teachers, could be used to develop new teaching tools.

where artificial intelligence is applied in school

Logistics, Transport and Production

If the applications ofartificial intelligence in the 3 sectors seen so far they can be limited, debatable and controversial, but here we find more definition. More fertile ground without ethical implications or critical complexities.

You will find that where theartificial intelligence in this area it looks a lot like the dynamics of a ecommerce and related management software.

  • Supply chain optimization: I'artificial intelligence it can be used by planning delivery routes and optimizing inventory management.
  • Vehicle fleet management: automating loading and unloading activities and optimizing the delivery route.
  • Automation of logistics activities: such as order preparation and warehouse management.
  • Machine maintenance: with monitoring tools that indicate when, where and how to operate.
  • Failure prevention: Identifying potential maintenance issues before they happen.
  • Problem diagnosis: analyzing data from sensors and machinery.
  • Automation of maintenance activities: planning interventions and managing spare parts.
  • Threat detection: analyzing data from security systems and surveillance cameras.
  • Development of autonomous vehicles.
  • Traffic management and efficient route planning.
  • Automation of some production activities.
  • Detection of manufacturing defects.
  • Reduction of production costs.

Where does artificial intelligence apply and how

We have examined these 4 sectors on purpose because they are part of everyone's life, in one way or another. This means that we should be interested. It also means that the applications can have an increasingly broad spectrum and that the most creative and useful reworkings are within the reach of anyone who wants to and can re-enter them.

In essence, therefore, it is up to us to understand what we want and what we do not want. Staying informed about this can give us the possibility of identifying what the possible implications are and what the needs and desires are of both those who are part of these sectors and those who use their services and products.

We realize that automating some processes in the medical or educational fields can be dangerous. Precisely for this reason it is necessary to know that there are possibilities, to try to ensure that these automations do not become harmful standardizations.

The objective is to transform these possibilities into allies that improve the quality of life of operators and at the same time make the mechanisms more effective and efficient.

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