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DApps: what they are and how they work

DApps are decentralized applications. Discover their characteristics, their uses and the innovative earning opportunities they are allowing.
May 13, 2022

Le DApp are decentralized applications which they lean on Blockchain network with distributed ledger. The main advantages over the App traditional lie in the typical characteristics of the technology Distributed Ledger: decentralization, disintermediation, transparency, security, traceability and immutability of data.

It's through these decentralized applications which, following the acceptance of one Smart contract, you can log in to marketplaces where the trading currency is one cryptocurrency.

Le DApp are classified into three types:

  • I: applications that have their own Block Chain, like Bitcoin.
  • II: they rely on already existing digital infrastructures by issuing their own token single.
  • III: are those that in turn use the protocol of a type II.

The user fully owns his personal data, which are not transferred to third parties who then sell them. These decentralized applications are fresh and their processes are verifiable by all and immutable unless authorized by the network.

Thanks to these characteristics, the uses are varied and ready to revolutionize the digital, gaming, social network and impeccable communication world. For many the DApp they also represent earning opportunities.

What you can use to interact with DApps

To interact with adecentralized application that works on Blockchain, the user needs of a browser extension that acts as a bridge. This extension, in addition to making the application workand, it's the real thing wallet (wallet) of the cryptocurrency. So if the DApp allows you to make exchanges and actions, the wallet collects the cryptocurrency and protect themand by hackers.

Basically, once you download theextension,application recognizes it and is enabled. so theuser can log in and then buy or sell token, access resources and services. All these actions have a cost and the processes to pay for them are mediated by the functions of the DApp and extension which allows you to use it.

Dappradar is the wallet most popular and allows easy access to DApp that work with the Blockchain di Ethereum.

Earning opportunity

There are several ways to make money by creating uses decentralized. These methods also serve to encourage the use of the application and are partly adaptations of strategies already used in traditional and digital marketing.

First of all, through the mass sale it is possible to finance a DApp: they are sold to a large audience token specific that allow trading operations or the purchase of products. Once the DApp has started, to earn you can get paid subscriptions monthly to users, offer premium solutions, advertising or apply commissions to transactions.

To increase the activity of users already present on the application and to build their loyalty, it is also possible to make prizes available criptovalute. This approach can also be helpful in attracting new users.


It is token special and irreplaceable that are simply bought or sold through DApp. Recently the market for NFT it's constantly growing, so it's worth keeping an eye on the possibilities it offers.

How to create a DApp

Like any other application the DApp they have a part Back-end (what is behind what the user sees) e front-end (interface, commands, and everything the user sees). Starting from Back-end you create the project, you write it Smart contract and after that this compiles and moves up Blockchain. Finally we test the actual functioning of the virtual contract and we move on to the development of the part front-end.

To be able to effectively create your own DApp, there is a need for a specific set of skills ranging from programming to graphics. If you have an idea for adecentralized application from which you want to receive income or perhaps a NFT unique, but you don't have the suitable knowledge, we of kilobit we have the tools to help you.

Our network studies and experiments DApp e NFT. We are capable of writing Smart contract functional, safe and profitable. With our experience building sites and building traditional applications we can handle just fine Back-end e front-end.

If you want to know more, just contact us. Submit your doubts or ideas by filling in the appropriate form here or by calling us, if you prefer. We will deliver to you as soon as possible free quote.

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