infographic article how to look for work online on Behance

How to look for work online on Behance

Digital nomads: platforms like Behance, based on a visual and immediate portfolio and with their specific and advanced search filters, can really make your life easier. The same also applies to employers, who will find you more easily and with whom you will therefore be able to establish more direct and peaceful collaborations. Find out more in this dedicated article and get busy!
December 14 2023

Behance, founded in 2006, has become one of the leading companies in 17 years online job platforms most influential for creative professionals around the world.

Il intuitive design, usability, the very specific system of search filters and its community-oriented nature offer a unique ecosystem where artists, designers, photographers and other creatives can exhibit theirs portfolio as a backbone of the profile, create professional networks and find job opportunities.

In fact the feature that makes Behance unique is precisely his emphasis on visualization of projects. Unlike other job platforms, here it's not just about listing your skills or work experience. Behance allows users to create a real digital portfolio, where works can be presented in a way direct and detailed.

Behance online job platform homepage
Credit: Behance

This project oriented approach allows potentials employers to immediately evaluate the talent and style of a professional without having to go blind, without wasting time in long negotiations and without waiting for CVs and examples to be sent via email and other chats.

How Behance works and who it is aimed at

Behance is an online platform aimed at creative professionals of all kinds, da graphic designers and illustrators to photographers and 3D artists.

Behance in fact it stands out for its global and interconnected community. Professionals can therefore not only showcase their work, but also interact with others, receive feedback, collaborate and even discover new trends and techniques in their field. This global network amplifies the long-term job opportunities and helps keep professionals updated on the latest developments in the world of design and creativity.

Let's take a closer look at the functions of this platform.

Behance profile/portfolio

The heart of Behance is the possibility for its users to create and manage an online portfolio. This feature allows creatives to upload their work, organize it into projects and present it effectively. Projects may include images and videos, more interactive content.

This is how one is offered complete and direct overview of the creator's skills and style. In short: we go straight to the point, without frills and misunderstandings. A very important value of Behance, which in this is similar to platforms like Fiverr and Freelancer.

Professional network and collaborations

The possibility of network and establish long-term collaborations, is another fundamental value for every digital nomad. Behance allows it, also presenting itself as one networking platform.

Users can therefore follow other professionals, a bit like what happens on LinkedIn, they can comment on their works and send direct messages.

Behance search filters

A strong point of Behance is its search filter system, similar and relatively more comprehensive than that offered by Freelancer.

Users can then browse jobs by several very specific categories, such as photography or product design, or seek inspiration via keywords and tags. This not only helps professionals stay up to date on the latest trends in their field, but also gives employers an easy way to find specific talents for their needs.

Just take a look on the place, to explore (bottom left) all available search filters. To do it you don't need to have a profile.

Behance webpage search filters UI/UX
Credit: Behance

Integration with Adobe Creative Cloud

Being part of the Adobe ecosystem, Behance offers aseamless integration with Adobe Creative Cloud. This means that users can easily import their work from applications like Photoshop or Illustrator directly into their Behance portfolio.

This integration makes the portfolio updating process much more efficient and allows for high-quality presentation of works.

From the employer's point of view

Behance finally includes one section dedicated to job offers, where companies can publish ads specific for creatives. Users can filter these offers by location, type of work and skills required, making it easier to find relevant opportunities.

This feature is especially useful for professionals and accordingly it's easier for employers to get found quickly. Together with the visual portfolio orientation offered by the platform, employers are facilitated in Research, in evaluation and in choice.

We therefore underline that an employer who didn't have to bleed himself to find you, who didn't have to sift through all different emails, CVs and piles of private messages, will be more incentivized to have a peaceful collaboration.

Basically he will trust you more, he will be less stressed and communication will be more fluid.

The biggest practical advantage of Behance (and other similar platforms)

The life of a freelance one might think it is simply made of offers, jobs and compensation. Unfortunately, the question is not so reductive. L'stumbling block The greatest thing is often not the work itself, but the Research and relations with employers.

That online job platforms like Behance offer truly functional search filters and facilitations for employers is critical.

This well-oiled system has a knock-on effect on timing and organizational quality of work, which leads to objective benefits, functional, also in terms of quality of life and above all mental well-being.

Finally, Such systems are also an inspiration for structuring projects and leave us with interesting questions.

Is the service itself more important or how it is offered?

Is it necessary to rack our brains to find innovative products and services or is it enough to look for innovation in the methods themselves to offer something attractive?

To what extent can the methods of a service be defined as a real service?

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