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Artificial intelligence.

Get informed and updated with us on artificial intelligence: one of the most sensational and controversial technologies today. Follow our weekly column, where we try to understand together how the various types of artificial intelligence work, what are the fields of application, the risks and what to do to prevent them.

infographic article Is artificial intelligence dangerous?

Is Artificial Intelligence dangerous?

Is artificial intelligence dangerous? In this article, the latest in our AI column, we will show you all the worst-case scenarios that could happen. Our intent is not to scare you or create clickbait. So far we have addressed the complexity of the topic in the most nuanced way possible... but we also believe that every now and then analyzing the extremes can be useful to complete the picture.

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AI influences our lives

Artificial intelligence influences our lives: how?

Artificial intelligence influences our lives in different and controversial ways. The utopian and dystopian perspectives relating to the technological sophistication of artificial intelligences are an invitation to learn to move in complexity. Knowing nuances to have realistic pictures of the possibilities and discern what is true from what is false allows us to be better communicators and users of products and services.

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infographic article study artificial intelligence

Study artificial intelligence in Italy

Studying artificial intelligence, as well as giving various job opportunities, offers the possibility of understanding the new tools that will increasingly be part of our lives. Knowledge is essential to use resources wisely, avoid associated risks and do our part to ensure that developments do not get out of our control.

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google bard article infographic

Google Bard also arrives in Italy

Google Bard is the answer to Microsoft The brand new test version of the most innovative and complete artificial intelligence on the web today was released in Italy. Let's see what all its functions are and how it differs from other countries.

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which one to use

Which artificial intelligence to use? Tools of 2023

AI applied in digital is constantly evolving. Find out now what can be done today and which artificial intelligence you can use and for what purposes: searches with advanced and responsive engines, word processing and drafting, creation of graphic, audio, video content and other specific functions.

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