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Which artificial intelligence to use? Tools of 2023

AI applied in digital is constantly evolving. Find out now what can be done today and which artificial intelligence you can use and for what purposes: searches with advanced and responsive engines, word processing and drafting, creation of graphic, audio, video content and other specific functions.
June 30 2023

Artificial intelligence is now one of the most interesting and varied digital technological research fields of the moment. Equally, often, however, AI is named and conceived as a singular tool, without considering that the idea one has of it depends - perhaps - exclusively on the only means of artificial intelligence that is known.

In other words, I'm just not there ChatGpt e DALL E 2 (both developed, inter alia, by Open AI). So if we know only these two we have a partial idea of ​​which artificial intelligence to use, for what purpose, and what the implications are.

Relevant areas of AI development include photo processing, video, text audio and advanced search engines. In fact, it is these that we will mainly talk about, since they are part of the web. However, it is good to keep in mind that these are only some of the applications, used in a certain context, and which technically can represent the turning point towards even more impactful uses.

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Just think of the automatic but accurate resolution of technical problems in offices as well as in plants; to the capillary instantaneous distribution of information in real time; to assistance in the generation of content in any form.

Meanwhile, we show you a review of the most usable tools of 2023 that apply AI to web jobs. The final aim is to open an overall reflection, which is fundamental for managing the new means that we have increasingly rapidly available: which artificial intelligence to use? As? Why? In vision of what?

AI for research, analysis and information processing

ChatGpt is an advanced search engine, allows you to process texts and synthesize information. The limiting factor, right now, is that it doesn't update in real time. Beyond this, however, it is the most used AI because it allows for multiple functions to be performed on a single platform, but also because the answer to GoogleCalled Bard, which is in the testing phase.

artificial intelligence hand on mouse which one to use

In addition to the two giants, there are also artificial intelligences built to be more specific and sectoral.

Which artificial intelligence to use for texts

writesonic for example it is a tool of copywriting more specific than ChatGpt, because it has features related to optimization SEO and uses NLP to process text and suggest consistent images. Just indicate topic, keyword, tone and language.

Other AIs dedicated to writing are Notion.ai, which helps to structure texts and ideas based on the type of work (social posts, blogs, curriculum ... ), e copy.ai, which mainly focuses on promotional texts.

JADBio instead it is a machine learning platform that allows you to upload data and analyze it.

Finally there are even more specific tools such as Deep beat, for rap lyrics.

AI for generation of graphic, artistic and audio-video contents

Always starting from the work of Open AI (which to date is the most widespread and used), let's see what exists in addition to DALL E 2, which creates images and works of art starting from a description made in any language.

They perform the same task, with differences in quality and function, too Image, midjourney (which seems the most performing), lexicon, which also helps recreate photo effects on a 3d environment, e generative engine, which creates realistic works of art from a text.

robot paints which AI to use

In addition to these more or less complex processors, there is also an AI technology focused on photo restoration, called GFP-GAN. Deep nostalgia, which animates people portrayed in old photos with surprisingly realistic results.

And then there are tools that, in addition to processing images, create and/or synthesize audio and video.

Video and audio AI

Synthesia is a software that creates videos with 85 actors of your choice performing a script in 65 languages. Wellsaid allows you to create customizable voice avatars from real voices. Runway it is an instant video editor with inpainting, green screen, motion tracking, color correction and has some other effects. It does not replace the work of a professional but can be used for emergency touch-ups. lumen5 generates an entire video sequence including imported images and transcripts plus a selection of stock.

Finally we end our review with lalal, very useful in audio editing both in the cinematographic, advertising and musical fields. In fact, unlike the most used software, it focuses on extracting audio tracks from the processing of a single track. Removes vocals, separates music and synthesizes tracks.

Which artificial intelligence to use?

Now that we have shown you this review you should have a better idea of what artificial intelligence use in the field of digital content creation for business, promotional, technical and creative purposes.

But this question is not only about what to use in relation to today's needs, but also which of these tools to use and how to try to make artificial intelligence a tool (precisely) that can be used to optimize one's work, not to flatten and get replaced.

In fact, these technologies are always developing, and it is also thanks to our contribution that they are structured.

Just think that if, in the current state, everyone spreads content created by artificial intelligence without putting their own into it, we would end up in a loop in which all content is flat and similar, and in which this very useful tool would mistakenly learn how to assist us.

So this question is just the beginning.

Gradually we will deepen how AI relates to the human being, the new releases, where to train on artificial intelligence and some investment ideas.

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