AI influences our lives

Artificial intelligence influences our lives: how?

Artificial intelligence influences our lives in different and controversial ways. The utopian and dystopian perspectives relating to the technological sophistication of artificial intelligences are an invitation to learn to move in complexity. Knowing nuances to have realistic pictures of the possibilities and discern what is true from what is false allows us to be better communicators and users of products and services.
18 September 2023

How does artificial intelligence influence our lives? How did he do it and could he do it in the future?

The most spontaneous responses point to automation, in all its applications. We are talking, for example, about automating production processes so as to leave human beings with organizational, managerial and creative roles: essentially the role of programming and starting the input. The machine will do the processing. Neither of them technically makes much effort. Both focus time and energy on making the most of their potential. Apparently they both win.

But you know well that this is not always the case, that not all artificial intelligences perform functions comparable to a floor robot.

white floor robot AI influences our lives

Know the means and people to choose how to communicate and enjoy

Those who work in digital know how much applications of artificial intelligence have an impact, represent resources, but also potential threats. For those who work in digital marketing and with social it is important to know what moves people towards artificial intelligence, how they use it, what they think about it, how they are influenced by it and what they would like artificial intelligence to be like. What they dream, what they desire, what they fear.

We need to know what the practical needs are: the needs that arise from dreams, desires and fears. Knowing them triggers direct communication, which establishes a supply of products and services in the most comfortable and convenient way possible for those who want to use them.

To achieve this, and make sure it is sustainable, it is necessary to know both the people and the means. Artificial intelligence influences people's lives in many ways, because it has various declinations that apply in many contexts.

The more we identify, the more we analyze, the more we know, the sooner we will have a broad idea. Before everything goes too fast, stopping to look at the overall vision allows us to choose what to communicate and how to do it.

And also to choose how to enjoy what is offered to us.

Common uses show contradictions: utopias and dystopias

In common usage, AI is mostly associated with chatbot-types ChatGpt, to sophisticated search engines, processors of textual information, images, sounds and videos, to assistants to talk to, to activate functions, graphic reproduction software... and also video and vocal reproductions that are increasingly faithful to reality. Faster and faster.

Artificial intelligence influences our lives because it can reproduce us

In practice, it is possible to create and disseminate incredibly realistic photos and videos that show a person performing any kind of act in any place. He can be made to say anything, potentially without his knowledge and without that person having the certainty of being able to effectively prevent it. This is because he may not have the means and because the author, if he is an expert, can easily lose track of him.

Today we mainly make memes and other humorous content. However, we are talking about technologies that can be used without regulations and without widespread and universally shared criteria: a potential threat, especially because these means are being refined quickly.

The opportunity to move through complexity

These threats could represent the opportunity to improve means of control and recognition of contents produced by other artificial intelligences, expanding the skills and fields of those who work in cybersecurity. A widespread, reckless and refined use of artificial intelligence to create fake videos and photos could also be an important stimulus for institutions: the trigger of specific regulations and protocols... even these controversial. Which could lead to a renewal of institutions through crucial choices, both for better and for worse, due to the power of the means.

There is facial and digital recognition that we use on smartphones. There are systems for reading a person's movements, up to and beyond. Up to the point of very fast processing of an otherwise unmanageable quantity of personal data, physical and mental health status, relationships, income, political ideas, preferences, declared needs and desires. This could lead to utopias and dystopias: just imagine.

network of neurons artificial intelligence influences our lives like this

These contradictions are a reflection of the infinite possibilities that automatic processing exponentially faster than any medium that has ever existed can provide and of the human capacity… which it simultaneously seeks to reproduce.

On the one hand a threat, on the other the opportunity to learn the complexity that is typical of the various declinations of artificial intelligence. It influences our lives to the extent that we are informed, that we can recognize how it works and how it can be applied.

This complexity has always concerned us because our brain works through neural networks that artificial intelligence reproduces. Economic globalization, the means of communication and transport that exist today, put the world at our fingertips. We get an idea of ​​what happens from what is released. Knowing the possibilities of artificial intelligence, especially the most disturbing ones, invites us to question what is true and what is artificial. Even what, until now, seemed rooted.

The opportunity to move through complexity could make us evolve… or lose.

So artificial intelligence influences our lives in controversial ways

So we could live in a world where work is less physically demanding. Where it's less dangerous. In which we could always and peacefully work from home or from any place in the world we prefer. Or let us be taken to work by driverless electric vehicles. Automating processes could have a positive influence on people's cultural growth and their living conditions.

But perhaps only in some parts of the world. On the contrary, it could lead to the partial cancellation of various cognitive abilities. It could lead to Orwell-style autocracies… or somewhere in between that is uncertain and dynamic.

Trying to understand the controversies of how artificial intelligence affects our lives ultimately helps us look at nuances. Grasping them is essential both for communicating and listening. Both to sell and to buy.

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