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How to look for work online on Freelancer

Digital nomads, we're back with another platform worth checking out. Freelancer, with its sophisticated search filter system, allows you to propose yourself directly for a project and identify the niche of your interest. Find out how it works and try it now!
November 30, 2023

Digital nomads, we are back with another platform to search work online: Freelancer.

This platform stands out from others for its wide range of opportunities, suitable for both short and long-term projects. This global platform therefore connects freelancers with clients from every corner of the world and offers a wide variety of jobs.

Freelancer online work platform homepage
Credits: Freelancer

La versatility of Freelancer lies in its ability to adapt to both digital novices and veterans. Professionals can leverage the platform to expand theirs portfolio and to explore new areas of work, while customers can find the perfect expert for every type of project.

A distinctive element of Freelancer is its bidding system, which allows professionals to offer their work directly to clients. Another is a sophisticated system of search filters internal, which will allow you to directly find the projects you want to propose to.

These aspects promote a dynamic, competitive work environment and a greater sector focus.

Let's take a closer look at how Freelancer works. At the end we will greet you with a special tip.

How Freelancer works and who it is aimed at

Freelancer starts with a Intuitive registration process. Freelancers create their own Profile, highlighting their skills, experiences and portfolio. This step is crucial as in all other online job platforms, because the profile acts as a showcase where customers will land when you make them yours proposals.

Once registered, professionals can search projects that correspond to theirs skills. The projects are of course listed with details such as budget, duration e requirements specific.

Freelancer offers a wide range of categories, from web development and graphic design to writing, translation – and these are just examples. All you need to do is explore and you'll find that just about any digital nomad can find what they're looking for. So It is aimed at many different professionals.

Freelancer bidding and search filter system

Freelancer use a bidding system where professionals present theirs proposals to customers, including their own price e details on how they intend to get the job done. This system is supported by very specific search filters. Take a look.

Freelancer advanced search filter
Credits: Freelancer

In this it differs from platforms such as Fiverr, where professionals create pre-defined service packages for clients to choose from. Upwork instead, for example, it offers both options: professionals can send proposals to projects or clients can invite freelancers directly.

Da note carefully how this system is advantageous for the customer from a certain point of view. If you want to dress up the customer's shoes in fact, perhaps to find collaborators for your personal project, you just need to throw in the bait and wait for offers to arrive.

Work, delivery, payments and feedback

After being selected for a project, professionals begin work according to the agreed specifications. Freelancer provides tools for communicating and tracking progress, making remote collaboration easy.

At the end of the work the payment is released via the safe system of Freelancer, similar to that of other platforms. And again in line with each other both parties can also leave feedback, which is crucial for building reputation on the platform. Freelancer, as Upwork, allows greater flexibility in negotiating rates, while Fiverr is known for its fixed pricing structure.

The niche is a blue sea

We've seen that Freelancer boasts advanced search filters: use them well. As in everything, it makes sense to identify what the strong points are and optimize them. So take the time you need to see all filters. In addition to finding the one that best suits you, you can find inspiration to throw you on a field of skills which up until that moment, perhaps, you had taken for granted that it was just part of your job.

This also serves to adopt a strategy called “ocean blue“. We have told you a thousand times and this will be the thousand and one, even if today we told you with a more technical term. The niche is a blue sea, often little explored, not reddened by the blood of the great marine predators that fight incessantly to compete. Know how to find this treasure and you will thank yourself for the effort.

Another idea we want to give you in this regard is diversify strategies.

So the niche may be useful and fruitful but that's not all. Doing one thing does not necessarily mean precluding another. Therefore, no one is stopping you from challenging yourself in more competitive fields. Indeed, it can help you test yourself, gain self-confidence and have a clearer vision of the working world. The life of the digital nomad is a continuous search. It is an adventure that has multiple stages, which may seem like destinations... but ultimately there is only one destination and it will always come with you: freedom.

For more tips on finding work online and managing it, look at it our category dedicated or read directly this article.

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