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How to create an aware advertising campaign

This article reminds you in 10 points how to create any advertising campaign in an informed manner. But we also add an extra piece, guiding you to address social issues. In fact, today this direction is the most popular and we demonstrate it with data and reports for further information.
May 9, 2024

What is meant by a conscious advertising campaign? Potentially every advertising campaign is if you think about it. In fact, the fundamental ingredients of every advertising campaign are:

  • knowledge of ourselves (therefore of our brand),
  • knowledge of the people to whom the campaign is directed (therefore our target),
  • knowledge of the environment (market), including other actors similar to us,
  • value of what we sell,
  • perceived value,
  • therefore the relationship between demand (need) and supply (how we satisfy the need).

All this is mediated, directed, we could say incorporated, by communication that we adopt. So awareness, in every advertising campaign, is the basis for saying what we want to say, about what we know, with the certainty that we will be understood as we wish.

We have said what you just read many times in the our blog, every time there was the opportunity or need to remember it.

Today we add one more piece, continuing the trend started with theadvertising ethics and with inclusive design. Let's go to broaden the concept of awareness. Let's see how to deal with it creation of an advertising campaign that touches on sensitive and important issues without lapsing into rhetoric. So our topic concerns social, ethical, environmental and human rights responsibility.

Giving those who listen to us authenticity means creating a deep connection with people. The return are visibility, brand awareness on the part of others, conversions, and sales that we know come from purchases made with knowledge and pleasure.

Why social responsibility pays: data and sources

Precisely because we invite you to avoid rhetoric, after the necessary introduction we go straight to the practical.

Having a socially responsible business pays off from multiple points of view. Primarily consumers are increasingly attentive to this macro theme. And this need did not arise today. In reality, it has been talked about around the world since 2017. Look at this one for example 2017 Cone Communications report: this already attests that 87% of US consumers prefer a company that supports social causes. 

Again, a report from 2023 Edelman Trust Barometer contains a detailed analysis on global trust related to corporate social responsibilities. An interesting fact shows us how approximately 58% of consumers in total choose or boycott a brand based on its ethical positions.

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Furthermore social responsibility is also important for attracting employees and collaborators. There are two on this Deloitte report, one of the 2022 and one of 2023. And all this can be explored in depth in one dedicated article. The fundamental fact that emerges is that 67% of millennials (so people who are between thirty and forty years old) prefers to work in companies that offer a positive social impact. Finally there is also a certain transversality between all generations. So it is a trend that is growing more and more and that it is best not to ignore.

All this, of course, comes from the United States and not directly from Italy... but we did it on purpose, despite the cultural differences. Bringing a large federation of states into consideration in fact provides you with larger numbers and, considering the cultural influence on the West, a probable mirror of the imminent future.

The 10 steps to create an aware advertising campaign

Now that you have a clear understanding of the topic and that we have provided you with a slew of sources and data to attest to the importance of an advertising campaign that is aware of social issues, let's conclude directly by seeing what the steps are:

  1.  Do an internal analysis to understand your brand's core values. in this process involve employees and stakeholders to align the company vision. And then keep it consistent.
  2. Find a social or environmental cause related to your core business.
  3. Check that this is in line with the values ​​and interests of the target.
  4. Define specific, measurable and realistic objectives for the campaign.
  5. Create strategic partnerships to strengthen the impact and also to broaden your knowledge. So involve NGOs, local associations and sector experts. In this do not look at short-term profit. Look further.
  6. Create a clear, engaging and authentic.
  7. Choose the right channels for the message.
  8. Organize events, fundraising campaigns or initiatives. Get the community and employees involved too.
  9. Measure, communicate and publish results. So use clear and realistic parameters.
  10. Stay engaged, continuing to engage the community and partners beyond the campaign, and collect feedback.
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