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Application Software: 70 years of evolution

Application software has made dizzying leaps over the past 70 years. Today we look back at this story. Let's touch on the stages that represent milestones in the development, uses and very conception of applications, which are becoming increasingly accessible and varied.
October 19, 2023

I application software, i.e. applications, are programs designed to perform specific tasks and facilitate operations through automation.

Saving time, resources, energy and carrying out actions that would otherwise be impossible are the fundamental advantages of these programs that we can all appreciate today. Therefore they have become more than necessary for any company and for freelancers who operate on the web, for various commercial activities and for both administrative and scientific institutions.

But also to people who are not involved in the sector, who have made application software inevitable travel companions.

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In fact, the current frontiers that we have reached in the last ten years are accessibility, customization, and consequently the possibility of creating other application software with relative ease. Without considering that many applications are shared on the cloud and can even be used for free. Furthermore, the development of some application software has had an indelible impact on the entertainment industry.

While an increasingly accessible and usable use of applications based on AI and augmented reality is expected, both for recreational, work and cultural purposes, let's retrace the stages and leaps that have occurred in the last 70 years.

The dawn of Application Software

In the 50s and 60s, the computer industry was taking its first steps. During this time, programs were primarily focused on scientific calculations and business operations. This is the pioneering era of programming, where the first applications were coded manually, often using basic languages ​​such as assembly.

The complexity and costs associated with using computers made them accessible only to major companies and research institutions.

An example of innovation from that period is FORTRAN, developed by IBM. It is one of the first high-level programming languages, designed for scientific and engineering applications.

PCs are arriving

With the advent of personal computers in the late 70s and early 80s, application software began to be accessible to a much wider audience. This period saw the birth of productivity software that changed the way we work.

Suite like Microsoft Office they introduced tools such as the creation and management of documents, spreadsheets and presentations. VisiCalc, for example, the first commercial spreadsheet, transformed PCs from hobbyists into indispensable tools for businesses.

The boom in graphic application software

Graphical interfaces, which emerged during this period, opened the door to more intuitive and powerful applications. Graphics and creativity became sectors in which software played a central role.

Adobe Photoshop, launched in 1988, is a perfect example of how these tools have revolutionized entire industries. This software has offered graphics professionals, designers and photographers previously unthinkable possibilities in the field of image manipulation.

The advent of the Internet

The arrival of the Internet has redefined the application software landscape. The web has led to the creation of new tools such as browsers and email clients. Companies began moving their software solutions to the web, allowing for easier access and smoother collaboration.

Netscape Navigator, one of the first commercial web browsers, symbolizes this transition and the growing importance of connectivity in everyday life.

Application software for smartphones: the communication revolution

The new millennium saw the smartphone revolution. These portable devices have transformed the way we interact with application software. Apps are born: a concept that has become ubiquitous, with solutions for every possible need, from health to education to entertainment.

WhatsApp, is one of the many applications that has changed the way we communicate.

AI, augmented reality, machine learning, virtual reality

The last frontier of Application Software is represented by the arrival and growing accessibility ofartificial intelligence,of machine learning systems,. These technologies have led to the creation of virtual assistants, automatic translators and personalized recommendation systems. At the same time, virtual reality and augmented reality have started to offer increasingly immersive experiences.

Pokémon Go, for example, combined the real and virtual world through augmented reality, showing the potential of these technologies.

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Today we brought you a story. We have completed a journey where we have touched on the main stages of the evolution of application software. These milestones are the milestones that triggered the development, use and accessibility of a vast range of applications.

We have given some examples, but you can find others in our article dedicated to where to find the software. You will also have short descriptions on the uses, purposes and main advantages they can grant.

If, however, you are considering specific uses for companies, shops and other commercial activities, consult our article on management software.

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