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Looking for work on GitHub: the rise and fall of a platform

Digital nomads, today we tell you the story of GitHub Jobs: an online job platform that revolutionized itself after going bankrupt and which today has become the point of reference for the software sector. You will see what it was like, how it has become today and the reflections we can draw from its change.
December 19 2023

GitHub Jobs, a unique platform of its kind, it was once a key destination for professionals and companies in the technology sector. Recognized for his direct connection with GitHub's large community, it offered a simple and direct way to post and search for job opportunities specific in the IT field.

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Credits: GitHub

Despite its initial success, the platform has faced significant changes, leading to its closing in 2021. This article explores the GitHub Jobs story, from its birth to its decline. It also offers a complete overview of its features and the reason for its closure.

We will see how it has become today and we will offer reflections for digital nomads in light of these events.

The history of GitHub Jobs

GitHub Jobs started out as a platform for publication of job offers in the technology sector, directly connecting employers with a vast community of developers and IT professionals. The service worked by allowing companies to post job adverts for a fixed cost of $450 per ad. This cost gave companies visibility into the online work platform ecosystem, a prime location for tech-savvy talent software development.

However, the platform closed its doors in 2021. The decision to close it was taken following the observation that many of the ads posted on GitHub Jobs were also available on other job platforms.

Thus GitHub Jobs became less unique and indispensable for both employers and job seekers. It seems that the closure is not the result of legal problems related to ads also present on other platforms. Rather, it appears to have been a strategic decision to respond to the evolution of the digital labor market and the needs of its user community.

In essence, therefore, it had simply become outdated.

What GitHub is like today and who it is aimed at

After changing clothes, GitHub has continued to evolve focusing its energies on development and collaboration in the field of .

The platform is now mainly aimed at developers, development teams, and companies in the technology sector. It does this by offering advanced tools for repository management, continuous integration, and code security.

GitHub features include code review, issue management and team collaboration. So it's an ideal environment for it collaborative and open source development. Furthermore, the platform promotes innovation , sharing of knowledge through open source projects. So it allows developers to contribute to existing projects or start new ones.

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Credits: GitHub

This dynamic, collaborative environment makes GitHub a vital platform for IT professionals looking to stay at the forefront of the rapidly evolving technology industry.

Then a if you are professionals in the sector it might be convenient for you to turn mainly to GitHub rather than turning to platforms like Upwork, Fiverr, Freelancer, Toptal e Behance. But that doesn't mean they aren't worth checking out!

Reflections for digital nomads

The story of GitHub Jobs offers important reflections for digital nomads.

In a constantly evolving macro working environment, in fact, the ability to adapting quickly to changes is essential. For professionals working remotely, like you, this means staying up to date on the latest trends in the job market and knowing how to exploit it evolving platforms and tools.

The evolution of GitHub demonstrates that even well-established platforms can change or disappear. So think about your personal projects, if you have any... what would you do if at a certain point your idea was turned upside down? Think about it.

Finally we would like to underline again the importance of diversify sources for job searches and build a solid and dynamic professional network. For this reason also in the other specific articles dedicated to online job platforms, we always recommend you take a look at them all.

Digital nomads: be flexible, adapt quickly to new environments and make the most of available resources to remain competitive in the global job market. You will see that it will be worth it.

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