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The Software Engineer in Italy

The software engineer is a figure who has very specific and at the same time multifaceted skills. This is because he finds himself collaborating with various professional figures, from whom he learns every day. Find out what you need to know to become a software engineer in Italy and how to learn how to do this job.
November 1, 2023

Never heard of the figure of a software engineer?

It is of 'software engineer: a professional who deals with the design, development, testing and maintenance of . He is a fundamental figure in the world of the web, as he is responsible for the creation of the software products that we use every day, starting from operating systems to browsers, up to mobile applications, video games and management software for shops and companies.

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Whether you have a business or you carry out a freelance digital profession, knowing this figure can be useful and quite a lot. In fact you may need a custom software and having to hire the right person; you may need to figure out how to collaborate and with whom; or, simply, you want to broaden your horizons and discover a new profession.

Let's see better what we are talking about...

What does a software engineer do?

The activities of this professional may vary depending on the size and sector of the company in which he works. In general, a a software engineer deals with the following activities:

  • Analysis of user needs.
  • Design.
  • Development.
  • Test.
  • Maintenance.

I a software engineer they can work in companies of all sizes, from the private sector to the public sector. They can also work as freelancers or consultants.

What are the skills of a software engineer?

Il software engineer has technical skills regarding programming languages, algorithms, data structures, databases and operating systems. He has analytical and problem-solving skills, therefore he knows how to translate needs into effective solutions, he knows how to identify the problems that can be created and solve them adequately.

And last but not least, he knows how to relate to the other professional figures essential to carrying out his job, because he has similar skills to them or at most he has collateral skills. Let's see which professionals he can collaborate with.

So who do you collaborate with?

Obviously with the developers of software, who are responsible for writing the code that implements the design. Then with the testers, with the analysts who are responsible for collecting user needs and translating them into technical requirements. And, depending on the in question, can relate to other figures from the vast world of digital design and perhaps, if there is freedom of action and decision in the project even in the subsequent phases, with graphics, copywriters and anything else.

Why look for it?

For any company that wants to develop or improve a software product he is an important figure, as he is for those looking for customized solutions and want to turn to a freelancer.

How to become a software engineer

In Italy, basic training to become a software engineer is a three-year degree in Computer Science or Computer Engineering. It is also possible to obtain a master's degree in Software Engineering or specialize in a particular field, such as cybersecurity or cloud computing.

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To embody this professional figure, it is therefore usually necessary to follow these training courses, especially to get hired by companies or to generally have a CV that speaks for itself. However, as in every area of ​​life, it is possible to train independently or learn from those who already do it... but this does not always ensure that all the necessary skills are learned organically and that you can have credibility with those you don't know.

This approach can still be used to learn the skills needed to actually do the job and do it well. Therefore, you must always learn from the other professional figures with whom you will find yourself collaborating.

In fact, the internet is not just the web in which it is possible to find a place in this profession. The network is the people with whom it is essential to interface to learn every day, broaden your horizons and develop an approach that allows you not only to know but also to put into practice.

So to become a software engineer you definitely need to study on your own, but you also need to know how to communicate with others and interface with them to learn how to work (and how to find work).

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