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Optimize your business management processes. Select and create the ideal functions to now achieve the goals you have always wanted.

Example of customized management software

Personalized for every need

We design and develop complete, unique, intuitive and scalable business management software.
It adapts to your needs, is easy to use and grows with you.

Small and Medium Enterprises

A highly versatile service to satisfy the needs of medium and small companies without distinction.

Specific Activities

Shops, restaurants, clubs, pharmacies, bakeries... these are just examples of customers who have already chosen Kilobit's tailor-made management software.


Optimization of accounting, management of personnel, customers and supplies. Customized management software programs, executes and speeds up the processes you want. Quickly monitor, analyze and process the data needed to make decisions, keeping everything easily usable and safe. A tailor-made management software can be integrated with any other existing software, reduces operational, administrative and inventory costs and eliminates the human workload on automatable processes, as well as the possibility of error, therefore any delays and the need for make corrections.

Your customized management software in 6 steps

It all starts with your will and your imagination. We'll take care of making them ideal, and then real. See how.


Kilobit is committed to understanding your specific needs to define together what the company management software should look like and do. From here we adapt your idea to the best conception and development options.


The idea becomes even more defined. We design the software architecture, the interface and its methods of use. We make sure that everything is as simple but as effective as possible.


The first version of your management software comes to life. During this process we apply agile methodologies to facilitate fluid and iterative progress, allowing you to progressively monitor and test the implemented features.

Testing and Debugging:

Before launch, Kilobit carries out extensive testing to identify and resolve any anomalies or malfunctions, ensuring that the customized management software is stable, secure, high-performance and scalable.

Deployment and Training:

Your customized management software becomes operational. Kilobit at this stage takes care of implementing it in the production environment, ensuring a smooth transition and minimizing the impact on daily operations. We also offer detailed training to your team.

Maintenance, Monitoring and Assistance:

Kilobit stays with you even after launch. Over time, we ensure that your business management software remains updated, secure and in step with the evolution of your needs.

A network of professionals at the service of your idea

Kilobit is a network that includes every digital professional you can imagine, including specialists with experience in building customized management software.

All in one, you have a team that compares and coordinates with a single objective: to create ideal solutions.

Create your customized management software now

The first step to realizing an idea is to express it. Contact us to develop your ideal solution now.