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Everything about software: from categories to related professions. These articles will be useful to you both if you have a business and are looking for a customized solution, or if you are a freelancer who wants to broaden your professional horizons.

software engineer article infographic

The Software Engineer in Italy

The software engineer is a figure who has very specific and at the same time multifaceted skills. This is because he finds himself collaborating with various professional figures, from whom he learns every day. Find out what you need to know to become a software engineer in Italy and how to learn how to do this job.

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infographics application software article

Application Software: 70 years of evolution

Application software has made dizzying leaps over the past 70 years. Today we look back at this story. Let's touch on the stages that represent milestones in the development, uses and very conception of applications, which are becoming increasingly accessible and varied.

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infographic article where to find software

Where to find software and platforms to create, manage and optimize websites

In addition to your main activity, you may have parallel projects that you want to take care of independently or with the help of a small, trusted team. We also undertake them, beyond our work in web agencies, so we understand the need very well. We offer you an overview of where to find software and platforms that will accompany you in all phases of the work and that will help you do it better.

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management software written with screens

Management Software: uses and advantages

Find out with practical examples how you can rely on management software: invaluable allies to facilitate, speed up, optimize and automate your business processes. Don't waste any more time, energy and human resources.

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