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Online Work.

Increase your possibilities, express your creativity, expand your skills and your network of collaborations through online work. Here you will find advice for finding work from home, articles dedicated to the various global platforms, the mentality, the approach and how to sustain it over time.

infographic article look for work online on Freelancer

How to look for work online on Freelancer

Digital nomads, we're back with another platform worth checking out. Freelancer, with its sophisticated search filter system, allows you to propose yourself directly for a project and identify the niche of your interest. Find out how it works and try it now!

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infographic article look for work on fiverr

How to look for work online on Fiverr

We return with our review of online work with Fiverr: another platform spread throughout the world that allows digital freelancers to broaden their horizons and clients to find short commissions as well as find collaborators.

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infographic kilobit article look for work on upwork

How to search for jobs online on Upwork

Digital nomads today we're talking about Upwork, a global hub of supply and demand for every job that can be done online from home: graphics, programming, web design, copywriting, creation of audiovideo content, SEO, digital marketing campaigns... find out in this article how the platform works and how to look for work.

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infographic article how to find work online

How to find work online

Are you a novice digital professional or an expert who wants to expand your possibilities? Read this article to look for work online. You will find advice on approach, mentality and a list of the major platforms. You will discover possibilities that we have experienced ourselves... And some tricks that maybe you didn't know!

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