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Digital Marketing.

Find here tips, strategies and digital marketing applications: all the tools you need to organize, structure and promote any type of online business.

infographic article cover machine learning digital marketing

Machine learning for digital marketing

Digital marketing involves the analysis and processing of a lot of data, the creation of content, sites, offers... all with a predictive vision, based on statistics but also on your idea of ​​reality and the connections you are able to create. No tool can replace you, but it can certainly give you a hand.

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infographic article SEO targeted advertising

Targeted advertising: how to do it?

Structuring a targeted advertising campaign is the basis for marketing in an economical and intelligent way. Find out everything in this specialized article: from objectives to how to measure results, through to the tools you have at your disposal and the means of communication you can use.

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infographic article kilobit web agency Turin effective advertising

Measure whether an advertisement is effective

Measuring whether an advertisement is effective is a real challenge. Find out how to deal with it by reading our specialized article. You will know the tools you can use to put together the pieces of a holistic and exhaustive analysis. Learn the methods to understand how and how much to invest, what to see and above all how to see it.

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infographic article marketing design

Marketing Design case studies: successful campaigns

Marketing Design is an approach aimed at visual storytelling, the intelligent use of sites and platforms, involvement, therefore active participation, promotion through shares, therefore conversion. The 3 case studies that we propose are examples of how this approach can be applied simply and effectively.

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infographic article google trends

How to use Google Trends

Google Trends is a really easy tool to use. Although it has several limitations, if used with knowledge it can be very useful, especially when used together with other resources. Find out in this article what to consider and how to optimize use.

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infographic article how to use google analytics

How to use Google Analytics

Knowing how to use Google Analytics is essential to see a series of data that will help you understand how your site is doing from different points of view. If you know how to set the functions you need, read and interpret the data, you will be able to make useful choices to improve the site technically, communicatively, graphically, and your advertising campaigns.

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youtube logo visibility

How to get visibility on Youtube

Youtube is different from other social networks. Here, more than in others, it is very important to respect the complementarity between content value and SEO optimization. If one of these two elements is lacking, the work done on the other risks being useless if not counterproductive. Learn how to respect both and how to structure your videos.

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