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Study artificial intelligence in Italy

Studying artificial intelligence, as well as giving various job opportunities, offers the possibility of understanding the new tools that will increasingly be part of our lives. Knowledge is essential to use resources wisely, avoid associated risks and do our part to ensure that developments do not get out of our control.
July 20 2023

study theartificial intelligence in Italy offers unprecedented opportunities in a wide variety of industries. In addition to being able to revolutionize industry, medicine and various business processes, AI opens up to many fields of application, many of which allow you to do business.

In fact, taking the study courses that we are going to show you will make you one of the most requested figures. You will have the necessary skills both to do technical work and to coordinate the work of other technicians. This means that if you have a business idea to provide a specific service that doesn't exist yet, you could find the people right in the universities to venture with, share and broaden your vision.

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Training, beyond the job possibilities, is the key to understanding the new tools that will make more and more space in our lives. Knowing and mastering them not only gives work, but resize apocalyptic scenarios. It saves you from the risks associated with cognitive laziness that would develop by letting artificial intelligence do everything. It allows you to be an integral part from a technical and ethical point of view in the development and use of these tools.

Let's take a look at the areas of study, job opportunities and courses currently offered in Italy.

Areas of study of artificial intelligence

In general, universities in Italy have developed specific academic programs for artificial intelligence, offering bachelor's, master's and master's programmes. Here are the main areas of study:

  • Machine Learning and Machine Learning: Courses focused on machine learning techniques and algorithms, including classification methods, regression, clustering, and deep learning algorithms.
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP): courses that explore how machines understand, interpret and generate human language. google bard, recently released in Italy, is the most developed usable artificial intelligence in this area
  • Artificial vision: courses that focus on the ability of machines to understand and analyze images and videos.
  • Robotics and Intelligent Systems: Courses examining the design and implementation of robots and intelligent systems.
  • Ethical and Responsible AI: courses addressing the ethical and social implications of artificial intelligence and the need to develop accountable and unbiased systems.
  • Data analysis: Courses that teach you how to collect, process, and analyze large amounts of data to make informed decisions.
  • Artificial Intelligence in Specific Sectors: Courses that focus on the application of AI in areas such as health, marketing, manufacturing, finance, and more.
  • Machine Learning in Games: courses that explore the use of AI in games and the development of artificial intelligences to play games and learn strategies.
  • Expert Systems: courses that teach how to develop rules-based artificial intelligence systems.

Job opportunities

AI professionals with skills in data analytics and machine learning are highly sought after as data scientists. They collect, process and analyze large amounts of data to derive valuable insights and make evidence-based decisions.

- machine learning engineers instead they develop algorithms and models to solve specific problems and create intelligent systems that learn and improve with experience.

At the end of the treatment they work in laboratories and research centers, focusing on the advancement of knowledge and the state of the art in AI through the development of new techniques and algorithms.

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- software engineers with skills in artificial intelligence they are involved in the development of AI-based applications and systems, such as virtual assistants, chatbots and other intelligent solutions.

NLP professionals they focus on the understanding and manipulation of natural language by machines, contributing to the development of automatic translators, advanced search engines and text analysis systems.

AI experts can work as consultants for companies and organizations, helping them implement AI strategies and adopt intelligent solutions to improve productivity and efficiency.

Machine vision specialists are involved in developing systems that allow machines to understand and interpret images and videos, used in various fields such as quality control and security surveillance.

And then with the growing importance of AI, there's a need to AI ethicists who ensure that the systems developed comply with ethical and responsible standards. In the end robotics is becoming more and more integrated with AI. Robotics experts work on the design, programming and development of intelligent robots for various industrial and medical applications.

Where to study artificial intelligence in Italy

Consider the areas of study just seen, the fields of application and the tools available can be study artificial intelligence also in related areas such as robotics for example. We conclude with a list where you can go and see the websites of courses throughout Italy.

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University of Milano-Bicocca, Milano Statale and Pavia

Bologna University:

University of BRESCIA:

University of Calabria:

University of CAGLIARI:

University of Catania:

University of Florence:

University of Genoa:

Politecnico di Milano:

University of NAPLES Federico II:

University of Padua:

University of PALERMO:

The University of Pavia:

University of Pisa:

University of ROME "La Sapienza":

University of ROME "Tor Vergata":

TURIN Polytechnic:

University of TRIESTE and UDINE

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