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Marketing Design case studies: successful campaigns

Marketing Design is an approach aimed at visual storytelling, the intelligent use of sites and platforms, involvement, therefore active participation, promotion through shares, therefore conversion. The 3 case studies that we propose are examples of how this approach can be applied simply and effectively.
February 28 2024

Marketing Design is aesthetics aimed at narration, to usability, then to involvement and sale. Today, so as not to just talk to you about concepts, we have collected three case studies emblematic, representing successful campaigns based on Marketing Design.

First of all we will see the campaign “Shot on iPhone“, obviously of Apple , which was based on user photographs. Then we will move on to “Live There"of airbnb: campaign structured to enhance the brand's main proposition, i.e. a more authentic and immersive travel experience. To conclude with the review “Wrapped” by Spotify, which personalized the listening experience, which transforms user data and preferences into an engaging visual experience. Let's get to the heart of it then.

Case Study 1: Apple – “Shot on iPhone”

This campaign of Apple is an example of how the relationship with users can be used to show the quality of its products, saving on the use of resources. Even if it may not seem like it creativity here there was indeed, as well as one punctuality compared to the era we are living in.

shot on iphone apple campaign vietnam marketing design
Credits: Petapixel

In fact, as demonstrated by i social, there's a increasingly direct relationship with users. In this era of Customization and direct contact, creating a campaign that fully involves users is an excellent idea. In other words users feel valued because they become protagonists, they can show their image, their photography skills, advertising at the same time the Apple brand e enhancing quality of the new iPhone camera.

Key elements of Marketing Design

Apple has therefore selected the photographs taken by users and has them displayed on large billboards around the world and on all digital channels, obviously including social media. As we said before, simple but effective.

In fact, effective simplicity is one of the core values of a work by design that is respected.


This campaign increased theengagement of users and strengthened the perception of product quality. This also contributed to highlighting thebrand identity of Apple as a quality brand that makes community platforms and part of users' lives.

Case Study 2: Airbnb – “Live There”

The second case study that we present to you today has to do with authenticity and multiculturalism. In an increasingly complex, but at the same time standardized, world, airbnb he offers us unique travel experiences. In essence we visit towns and cities not as tourists but as locals. We can live, know and appreciate the culture of a place, we can open our minds, therefore have a real idea of ​​the countries we visit and their relevance.

So let's see them Marketing Design elements that were used and the results of this campaign.

Key elements of Marketing Design

To promote this campaign both the website that l 'app have been updated through a different representative interface.

home airbnb marketing design
Credits: Airbnb

As you can see, unique places are shown, different from the usual hotels or tourist sites, already offering at first glance a completely different vision of the place compared to how we have always imagined it. This note immediately contributes to multifaceting our perspective on a place and the experiences we can have there.

Furthermore, the images and videos used in the advertising campaign highlight stories of hosts and travellers.


This campaign therefore positions Airbnb as one unique and valuable reality compared to the sea of ​​similar offers. Put emphasis on particular experiences facilitates users, because they don't have to look for them themselves. So addresses the need directly to vary, very often difficult to fully satisfy.

Plus it helps highlight hosts and their proposals, encouraging others new hosts to join.

Case Study 3: Spotify – “Wrapped”

Anyone has Spotify he noticed how the site and the application itself favor the direct connection with membersL. With the "Wrapped" function, which is updated every year, we are offered a playlist of the most listened to songs during the year. This is part of mine for 2023.

playlist spotify marketing design
Credits: Spotify

A function like this gives users the possibility to collect without obligation what they listened to most and of share their tastes on social media. Remember when they gave each other CDs that they reminisced about shared moments and experiences?

Here the narrative and the means of diffusion change, but the gist remains almost the same. In other words, therefore, our personality, our style, how we lived during the year and what we felt, is characterized in a certain way by what we listen to.

Key elements of Marketing Design

Here it is an immediate function with the usual very simple but effective Spotify interface. Convenience and usability they are the masters, as well as immediacy and ease of use. You can quickly see statistics such as most listened to songs, favorite artists and total hours of listening presented through a series of slides that can be shared in the usual intuitive way.

From this we can deduce that Spotify has intelligently used what it has always had available, without inventing anything new, but with excellent results.


“Wrapped” is loaded with expectations every year, so already generates traffic before it is available and prepares the ground for more future shares. These in turn, in addition to increasing traffic on Spotify, they help the brand spread. Just go to any social network to notice friends sharing songs and playlists from Spotify. In this way those who don't use it yet are more likely to be curious and discovering uses will be able to convert.

And your Marketing Design campaign?

That you are digital professionals, curious people, entrepreneurs or business owners, you can take advantage of these examples as we did.

If you want to create your own campaign based on simple and effective ideas, and on a intelligent use of design, you can contact we at Kilobit. Thanks to ours network of digital professionals we are able to collaborate and work for you in order to plan campaigns that take inspiration from the concepts seen above. Contact Us to know more.

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